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Why musicians are considered to be Entrepreneurs.

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When asked this simple question, local musicians Snazzy simply said, “The music industry is a business industry”.

If one were to take a moment and think about most musicians, one would realise that local and international musicians often have a brand and a product that they are marketing to generate revenue.

The skills and knowhow needed to make a successful living as a musician are synonymous to those of an entrepreneur. To create something of commercial value one needs to answer these questions:

  • How will you make a profit?
  • Who will form the majority of your consumer base?
  • On what platform will you stay connected to your consumer base?
  • What makes you and your brand unique?

Once they have considered these questions, many musicians venture out to market their brands to increase sales and expand their fan base in order to have more than one source of income.

Musicians across the board are involved in additional entrepreneurial activities such as starting or representing clothing labels and fragrance lines, and producing music. Some even venture out and start their own record labels.

Furthermore, rising musicians who thrive in today’s economy are those who are innovative enough to address the ever-changing industry. A decade ago the primary concern for a musician was CD sales and booking shows. However, today musicians are forced to learn to promote, market, and manage their brands.

As such we need to realize that even though a musician may not be involved in extra income generating activities, being a musician is being an entrepreneur.

By Alice Indongo (Freelance Writer) 

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