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Beauty Industry

Namibian Company Viver Fragrância is the sole distributor of Make-Up designory cosmetics in Namibia.

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Meet Marilie Vermeule, a talented 21-year-old Entrepreneur, Internationally Certified Make-Up Artist and the Sole Distributor of Make-Up Designory Cosmetics in Namibia Marilie Vermeulen.

Read below to learn about the make-up artist with a creative nature and love for art.

Q: Tell us about yourself and what your brand represents?

A: Viver Fragrância means Living Fragrance and that is something we need in our society. We should strive to be a pleasant Fragrance to those around us. I found the term Living Fragrance whilst looking into my own name, Marilie’s, meaning. I am a 21-year-old Entrepreneur, Internationally Certified Make-Up Artist and the Sole Distributor of Make-Up Designory Cosmetics in Namibia. I am a very creative individual and I have a never-ending love for animals and that is why I chose to work with MUD. MUD is a 100% Cruelty Free brand which is also 80% Vegan. I believe in creating conscious consumers through my means of business and educating my fellow Namibians about the importance of our environment. MUD promises quality, long-lasting wearability, flawless application and radiantly accurate colour. MUD truly is the expert choice. At Viver Fragrância we offer special occasion make-up services from photoshoots to bridal applications. A very important aspect of our business is one on one workshops where we teach people how to apply make-up according to their unique facial features.

Q: What motivated you to start your company?

A: Besides my creative nature and my love for art, I realized that Namibia is not as educated when it comes to make-up. There is a rather large gap in the industry. As any other Country, Namibia is seen through a “Media Representation” lens by the rest of the world and within Media we have so many aspects to see to. What will Ads, Films or Photography in general be without make-up? It is our responsibility to lift the standard of our Country and I can contribute by providing my services and Distributing MUD throughout Namibia.

Q: What challenges did you face when starting your business?

A: Schools never taught us what VAT or Import VAT is and how to cope with that and I think for a young adolescent like myself it was a huge struggle. I had to take a loan from my aunt to start Viver Fragrância, in the process I learned to take responsibility. My biggest struggle was and definitely is admin. I think that our education systems should look into implementing the “how to” to practically apply these financial principles that are expected of us. I also had no idea how to approach my market, all I had was a dream. Through acquiring skills, asking advice and overcoming my fears I launch into the industry.

Q: In your opinion what needs to happen to foster a SME culture in Namibia?

A: Organizations and Companies should stop utilizing the services of South African businesses; we have so many talented local Businesses and individuals. They can be further educated and equipped to provide an even better service and product.

Namibia is extremely small and the market is very tight. As a Distributor, I had a very tough time entering the market. Namibians do not approve of competition, they are terrified by it. However, if you have a good product, invest in personal relationships with your clients and provide an unforgettable service you can truly make a name within the industry.

Q: Final words of motivation for people looking to start a business?

A: “We can only rise by lifting others.”- Robert Ingersoll

My dream is for Entrepreneurs in Namibia to stand together in unity. We should strive to lift the standard of Namibia. It is not only about making money but rather equipping individuals so that they can rise to their full potential.


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