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Uncalled by Delila Katanga

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Uncalled follows the life of 21 year old Ndapewa Kamati who is a university student as she experiences life, and how violent it can be. The author was inspired by real life situations that happen around her. She explores different forms of violence that
exist. She carefully chose a cover that depicts how people in life are obsessed with the idea of perfection and carry themselves as if they are faultless and whole yet, they are empty inside or broken hence the cracks on the cover. With this book, she
hopes that it prompts her readers to look within themselves, and mend and heal from within. She hopes that her readers learn to identify toxic relationships that they might have with themselves, their partners, friends, acquaintances and family. She
also hopes that, her readers are inspired to take charge of their lives.

Delila Katanga considers herself a jack of all trades who loves adventures, and upgrading her skills. She is her biggest critic and lives by the words, “the younger you are, the more powerful you are. The older you get, the wiser you become.” The book will cater to young adults from the age of 18 and above and, it will be available for sale at N$180.00 a copy. To view the book trailer, visit: Uncalled by Delila Katanga on Facebook. To get more information on how to buy the book, contact:

Email: writersunit2@gmail.com
Instagram: lila_kat
Facebook: Delila Katanga

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