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To be successful is to understand the dynamics of business by Lioness

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In the 21st Century, to be a musician is to be an entrepreneur. Launch Magazine caught up with La-toya Mwoombola otherwise known as Lioness to find out her 5 tips to becoming a successful musical entrepreneur.  

Tell us about yourself?

I am la-toya Mwoombola otherwise known as Lioness. I am a musician (rapper- recording artist) and a self made video director. I believe that with every successful career there is a strong business background. I started recording music in 2008 and had my big break in 2017 with the song “Dreams” which has propelled my music to greater heights.

To date, I have worked with  a variety of artists from upcoming, to industry giants. I have been an independent artist since joining the industry. Although I’ve declined signing to record labels, I do not regret my decision. Being an independent artist has allowed me to work at my own discretion and timing without being rushed or held back which is popular in some record labels.
What motivated you to become a musical entrepreneur?
I’ve always believed that to be successful was to understand the dynamics of business and the details thereof. The Music industry is one of the biggest and most lucrative businesses which Involves different disciples of careers. In order for me to have brought quality I needed to understand simple details such as beat selection,pricing, branding etc. It is a flexible career which allows for me to be creative with business deals and plans and involving smaller or upcoming designers, hair dressers, etc.
At first I was discouraged because in Namibia to make money you need have connections and be very innovative. Growing up I never had anything come easy to me, I always had to work 10 times harder (a valuable lesson my late mother taught me) so I worked 10 times harder.  Currently I am at a place in my life where options are endless, where I’ve learned not to limit myself. My sister who is a successful music producer, graphic designer and model in South Africa, allowed me to draw inspiration always. I reluctantly attended conferences ,events etc not knowing that eventually they would contribute in the future.
The industry is booming and hip hop/rap/trap has become one of the most focused genres. Quality is being sought and therefore promising a great future.
How can people contact you for your services?
I have my email address on my social media platforms Facebook,Instagram and twitter.
 My 5 tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur in business :
1. Persevere – relentlessly work on your art, join studio sessions and learn from experienced artists. Ask questions do not be afraid to gain more knowledge.
2. Aggression – healthy aggression, learn to work toward what you want and do not let anything unhealthy stop you. The industry is becoming saturated so learn to act with speed and be everywhere in order to understand the industry. It is cut throat.
3. Criticism – learn to accept constructive criticism from the right people.  If you aren’t doing it right CHANGE it.
4: gratitude – celebrate the little wins- you will always ascend and any form of success is huge success even though it might seem so.
5: Originality – have an idol but only draw inspiration. Do not try to do what has been done.

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