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“If you wait for everything to be perfect, you will never start! So, what are you waiting for?” Says Magdalena Nangolo, founder of H-Interiors and an Entrepreneurship and New Ventures Management student at the University of Namibia.


Tell us about your business?

My business name is called H-interiors, H comes from the first letter of my second name. I sell beds, headboards, ottomans and tables and I also reupholster couches, including all build in cupboards.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’m inspired by the fact that I am always receiving new designs and overwhelming comments from customers and that my customers bring me more customers without me having to go an extra-Mile for my marketing strategies. The fact that my products attract more customers through other customers really inspires me, and most importantly I’m also inspired by fellow young business-minded and young entrepreneurs in my community that are excelling well and that are not giving up on their businesses regardless of the challenges.

When designing, what matters to you most? Functionality or aestheticism?

When designing these products, what matters the most is full-filling my customer’s needs, by making sure I give them exactly the same designs they requested for and quality product they expect from me, therefore design functionality matters to me more than aestheticism, though they both are very important.

How do you handle the pressures in your business?

As any other businesses, there will always be pressure mostly from customers. In most cases, customers expect their products to be done in less time whereas I need a specific time to deliver the products. Nevertheless, a reminder of the number of days remaining to obtain end-products always calms them down.

Also, if materials are late or not available then it can be another issue and always have to pressurize the suppliers for the material. I have different suppliers for the materials I use so that I have more options to prices and availability too.

Do you welcome client involvement?

Client involvement is very dominant in my business due to that what I design or my end-products always depend on the customer’s design they requested for with the type of material they would like me to use, though they are not involved physically in terms of working on their items.

They are also involved that I accept and allow them to make comments about how they feel about their products, whether good or bad. In case of bad comments, I use that to improve on the next customers products and that we do not repeat the same mistake if there was any picked up by customers.

What defines your style?

My style is defined mainly by the type and quality of materials I use, and also customer’s design-demands.

Words of advice to others that want to break into your industry?

Don’t try and take 10 things at the same time. Be patient with yourself, start where you are and with what you have and what you can.

What are your contact details?

You can contact H-Interiors at +264814830624 or email magretnangolo@gmail.com 

Fluffy’s Artistry that was only launched in December 2018, is easily becoming one of the most loved salons in Shandumbala Windhoek.  During the launch they released a booklet that featured their clients and the hairstyles done during the course of the year.  The salon is loved for its welcoming environment or it could be the tea and biscuits that they serve. The team at Launch magazine had to sit down with Fluffy to find out how she made her dream materialize.

Who is Fluffy?

My name is Fransina Nikodemus, Fluffy is the nickname that my peers called me in high school because of my sweet welcoming personality.  My business is called Fluffy’s Artistry derived from my nickname, we specialize in hair styling.  We do wigs and weave, we’ve also styled for events such as weddings and graduations.

What inspired you to start your business?

Growing up, my mother had dreads and I always did her hair maintenance and styling as they grew longer.  I also did my friends hair at school; in fact I love it so much I used to miss classes to do hair.  When I completed my school, I thought about what to do because I did not want to stay at home whilst I had the skill and passion to do hair.  So, I started doing hair in my room, and that is where the business started.  Primarily, my room was my salon for the better part of last year.

What is the most fulfilling thing about your business?

Satisfaction from my clients.

What to expect?

We plan on releasing a second edition of the booklet featuring our clients and their hair.  We give this out to our clients for free, which makes it easier for them to request a hairstyle and also to just show them some appreciation.  Initially, we made the booklet for the launch however it was received so well so, the plan now is to release editions twice a year, in June and December.  It is a great tool for advertisement.

I aim to expand too, as Fluffy’s Artistry operates under Modern Pink Investment cc where I’ve also established a catering business called Fluffy’s Kitchen.  Another passion of mine that I would like to pursue is clothing design, so maybe expect a clothing line too.

What inspires the hairstyles?

Clients usually come in with requests.  In the case where a client does not have a specific style in mind, we usually let them specify if they want their hair long or shirt and from there depending on their hair texture, personality and face shape, I will suggest styles that might work.  Mostly, my client’s personalities inspires their look because I know my clients.  I always try to build a bond with them.


What has been most challenging in starting your business?


What advise will you give someone that wants to go in the same industry as you?

“Always believe in yourself and do your thing.  Own your passion.  When you believe in yourself, you will always win no matter the obstacles. Also, remember to always invest in yourself, in your business and in your clients.  I’ve wanted to quit a few times because business in its own is challenging, so my responsibilities to my family and business keeps me in check.

How can people contact you?

You can contact me on +264811497263 or modernpinkinvestmentcc@gmail.com


Maria Thomas is an entrepreneur who owns a successful online store called Herstyle Fashion Boutique CC and has embarked on the journey of empowering the youth through beauty training by creating their own jobs that requires little amount of experience. Maria Thomas is a Post Graduate Student that’s pursuing her studies in Business Management at the Namibia University of Science and Technology. Maria is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and supports worthwhile charities with her social media footprint.

She is the Co-founder of the Pebble Foundation; The PEBBLE FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that is grounded in the belief that small acts of kindness on sustainable projects have the potential for social upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities in Namibia. Its goals and projects are chosen to assist the most vulnerable members of society.

What motivated you to start your boutique?

Well I believe, that growing up with parents that are business oriented might have occasioned me to be the same, Business to me would be something inspiring and in born within me because there’s no day I would not apply business situation as a way of solving my daily life situation. There’s nothing one can’t do until you try it or do it and if it works for you, look for ways to improve and be great at it and if does not try something else

Tell us more about your business?

Herstyle Fashion Boutique

Trade fashionable clothing, custom-made earrings, shoes, photography equipment, waist-trainers, make-up equipment/accessories, sunglasses, wedding accessories and more.

Herstyle Fashion Boutique has now extended services:

  1. Herstyle Fashion Virgin Hair: Our main trade is providing Brazilian hair of all texture, lashes, salon equipment’s and producing our very custom-made wigs, where we supply them locally and to our neighboring countries such as Zambia, Angola and Botswana.

  2. Herstyle Fashion Academy: Our main aim is to create immediate employment for the youth, as a graduate with no employment, I know how it feels to have certificates, diplomas, degrees that you can’t use to receive a monthly income or any income, we empower ladies with beauty training that takes about 1-4 days and start their own business upon completion. We offer support such as business consulting, image consultancy and marketing skills from experience that I have gained from operating my business and life in general. We are proud to have train 20 students that are already operating their business in Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Rundu and Oranjemund since the launch in August 2018.

What advice can you give to those interested in starting a business?

Start a business that is not family oriented and create something you love not what your family approves. Kindness is the best trick a business person can have and remember it is not always about the money but caring for your clients. Start something that you understand before creating it, it gives you a sense of direction.

How can customers contact you?

We have pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Facebook: Herstyle Fashion Boutique

Alternative: Maria Thomas (Facebook and Instagram)

Instagram: @herstye_fashion (the rest of our pages and links are posted there)

You Tube: Herstyle Fashion Boutique

You can also email us: herstylefashionboutique@gmail.com

Call or WhatsApp: 0813065008

  • Says, Pinehas Shikulo widely known as Zulu Boy who studied Visual Arts at the University of Namibia, and is a founder of the Gweri Vintage Collection.

In an attempt to find happy socks that spoke true to his being, his culture and the love for his country, Zulu Boy together with Carlos Gurirab partnered up and created the sensation that is Gweri Vintage Collection, under which the most loved Gweri Socks hail from.

Launch Namibia met with Zulu Boy the ‘artist behind the designs’ to discuss his inspiration and what to expect from the brand.

(Photo credits to the Photobooth)

What inspired your product?

I love happy socks, so I wanted to create socks were ‘happiness’ is drawn from our own cultural, traditional and Namibian experiences.  I do most designs myself, currently we have thirteen (13) designs out that I have either done by myself or have collaborated with other people. So, all the designs are very personal to me, I draw my inspiration from Namibian natural colours, landscape, photography, and people.  Gweri socks represent the diversity of Namibia, and it is from that diversity that the inspiration for the designs comes from.

What are the challenges that you have faced in this business?

Our biggest challenge has been the production of the product.  Right now, the manufacturing of the socks is being done in South Africa.  That has been an issue as it causes delays, and the product sometimes does not arrive on time.  Meanwhile, we would have pending orders from clients.  This is terrible for our reputation in delivering the product. However, we always communicate to our clients and try to remedy the problem.

What has been the most fulfilling thing about this journey?

The immense support and how receptive people were to the product that we put out.  Our clients are patient and appreciative, there are weeks were we cater to about 400 people.

(Photo credits to the Photobooth)

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs that want to break into the creative industry?

It’s a risk but, it’s an opportunity that should one decide to take; would ride you through criticism that you should learn from, inspiration that you should draw from and passion that should fuel and keep you going. Ask for help, do your research and collaborate. Most importantly, do not take it personal.  Sometimes a product may fail, the possibility of these socks failing were and are still there, but do not let that derail you from what you’re trying to achieve. Just smile.

How did you come up with the packaging?

We wanted something playful and light, not too serious. Unlike the manufacturing of the socks, we do the packaging ourselves, so from time to time it will be different.

Has there been any growth and what should we expect from Gweri Vintage Collection?

Definitely, We used to produce one hundred and fifty (150) pairs of socks when we started, today we are producing over one thousand two hundred (1200) pairs of socks”.  Another product from Gweri Vintage Collection is the Clothing Collection that debut at the Windhoek Fashion Show in 2018.

We will be incorporating the stories that inspired the designs on our labels; that is something fun to look forward to.  We are also working on partnerships to make the product widely accessible, and we will be releasing new items/products.  Keep an eye out.

Where to find the product?

It is available at our offices in Bismarck Street 13, no 1 and at Nictus Windhoek.

Contact Zulu Boy @ +264852616380 or send an email to gwerivintagecollection@gmail.com

Follow Gweri Vintage Collection on Social Media

@GweriVintage – Twitter

Gweri Vintage Collection on Facebook and Instagram

For this entrepreneur, turning a childhood hobby into a career has always been a dream until he established an incoming-generating business by the name of Ubuntu Events Technology.

Owner of Ubuntu Events Technology, Hadino Nghishekwa describes himself as an “outspoken introvert.”

Contrary to what he does for a living the entrepreneur holds a degree in Chemistry and Geology which he obtained from the University of Namibia.

Like many disadvantaged Namibians, Nghishekwa did not come from a financially stable household, so he “always wanted more.”

The visionary said that from a young age, “taking ordinary moments and environments and transforming them into something magnificent” has always appealed to him.

“To escape an otherwise ordinary life ­– we all want to do that at some point,” he added.

With the little that he had, he nurtured his hobby for technology throughout his childhood saying that, “the passion has been there for as long as I can remember.”

In 2012 he turned a hobby into a business.

“It began as a childhood dream driven by passion, then one day I realized it can and should be a company and not only a hobby,” the entrepreneur said.

Today, Ubuntu Events Technology is in the business of turning ordinary moments into key memories.



The business supplies technical equipment such as sound, lights, audiovisual (AV), stage and conferencing equipment.

For him, the main goal for his business is to expand across other regions in Namibia and to build a solid reputation in terms of professionalism and service.

Although the business does private events like weddings and birthday parties, his main target market are corporate clients; according to him they hold the same values as the business as they believe in professionalism and quality.

“Corporate clients have the biggest interest in quality and professionalism, events technology is quite expensive too and these clients understand that,” he added.

Nghishekwa believes that innovation is key to running a successful business.

“Our vision is to be most innovative technical support company in Africa while our mission is hosting memorable events by exceeding client expectations and constantly challenging the status quo,” the entrepreneur stated.

Currently, Ubuntu Events Technology has four full time and two part time employees.

The owner is also passionate about training young people so that they are able to harness new and useful skills that might take them further.

“We take people off the side of road, the young ones, and give them technical training so that they don’t have to rely on cleaning people’s homes as a way of living. It is our belief that people on the side of the road deserve a chance to do some dignifying work. Providing meaningful jobs is something we strongly believe in,” he said.

For this entrepreneur, the sky is the limit.

“We have big plans we cannot enumerate here but we see Namibia has our base, and not our market,” he said.

Contact Hadino Nghishekwa for more information regarding his services: hadino@ubuntuevents.co



Namibia’s beauty and cosmetics industry has grown exponentially under the spell of social media as more people are looking to age gracefully, skin and hair care regimes have become a priority for many people who struggle to maintain healthy skin on a daily basis.

Entrepreneur and founder of Ilotu Cosmetics, Mareka Masule is shaking up the dynamics in Namibia’s beauty and skincare industry with a range of products designed to cater for various skin types.

Ilotu which is a Subia word for “it is beautiful,” specialises in the production of natural, essential oil based, range of skin and hair healthcare products.

These include (but are not limited to) full body detox clay, foot creams and scrubs, body washes and scrubs, face washes and creams, shampoo and conditioners as well as hair masks & butters.

Product overview:

For Ilotu it’s never too late or to early too to use a skincare regime. They promote preventative skins care lifestyles but also cater to people who have already experienced challenges with their skin where prescribed by medical professionals.

Our products have emollient properties which provides the skin with an extra protecting layer and also due to our key ingredient being, Essential oils, they contain natural SPFs, making them appropriate to help protect Namibians from the harsh weather conditions as many of the current international brands on the shelf, don’t always cater to our climate.” said the entrepreneur.

Their products aid in treating various hair and skin related conditions, such as acne, oily, dry and sensitive skin as well as fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot.

The Ilotu product line consists of products under the ranges of Tea Tree, Sweet Almond & Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavender, Cocoa butter & Coconut oil and Peppermint & Green Tea.

Business operations:

The business started operating since the beginning of 2018 after Masule received funding from Sanlam Innovation Works to start the business.

After a family member passed away from skin cancer a few years ago, the entrepreneur realised how many individuals lack knowledge about certain reactions, sicknesses and illnesses due to something as simple as what they eat, what they apply onto their skin.

Our skin is the largest organ in the human body and therefore its crucial to pay attention to what we apply to it. I decided to take my own DIY products/routines and share it publicly through the different products to help others and educate them more on the importance of skincare,” Masule said.

Masule described the process of starting the business as “surprisingly easy” because a good business plan was drawn.

Once we had the Blueprints, we knew what paperwork to get done and who to talk to. It all happened so quickly and amazingly,” she recalled.

Although she was nervous about how clients would react to her products, many clients had a positive approach to what she was doing in the cosmetics industry.

After hearing clients’ amazing testimonies on what the product did, it was so heart-warming and encouraged us to keep going,” Masule said.

Today Ilotu consists of a team of four employees of which fall under Finance, Sales & Marketing, Strategy & Projects and Production.

The business’s target market include middle to high income earners however, Ilotu products are conducive to the Namibian demographic as their products are modified to suit people who are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, in particular mine workers, athletes, and physically active children.

Their niche market also includes people with sensitive and problematic skins conditions including and health conscience individuals.


The current goal for the cosmetic business is to get their products onto retail stores and pharmacy shelves. So far, they have just made it into their first shop in Swakopmund namely, Natural Namibia Shop.

Although the business is based in Namibia Mareka Masule has plans to expand the business beyond Namibian borders to other Southern African countries.

Our vision is to be the first choice in body wellness and natural beauty products in Southern Africa,” Masule said.

Our Mission is to educate our customers on the importance of internal and external personal health care and to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders, including our customers, employees, shareholders and others,” she added.

We made sure to attend and to keep attending various Export-Ready Workshops and Networking events, as different countries have slightly different cosmetic product requirements, therefore, its vital for us to make sure we understand exactly what we are getting ourselves into,” she said.

The qualified Graphic Designer is now pursuing her qualification in Skincare & Body Therapy. For more information on her products email ilotu.in@gmail.com or call +264814318581. Operating hours are from 08:30 – 18:00 Monday to Friday. 

Meet Miranda, an entrepreneur that provides vending machines that sell airtime, can buy you electricity, and even pay for your GOTV and DSTV. 

Find out more about this entrepreneur:

Tell us about yourself?

“My name is Miranda Daline, born in Oshakati but grew up and went to school in Swakopmund. I am of Portuguese and Oshiwambo decent therefore I speak Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, English, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Tjimbundu, and a bit of Swahili. I always believe that you should treat others the way I want to be treated and always look for the positive side of things. I am a vocal person, tough and yes, I forgive quickly. Making a difference on earth is what I am here for. I always follow my heart, and whatever the outcome is, it is either a blessing or a lesson…I am a born-again Christian…”

What lead you to start your business?

“I have learned that in this world, one salary is never enough, so I pushed to open up a business. Through my business I help employ some of our unemployed youth and I always teach my employees on ways on how to start their own business. Life is becoming so expensive these days and by doing what you love for and extra income will help you get through in life…”

Tell us what your business entails?

“My business was first solely focused on catering but as the years passed I extended it. Currently I have 3 Take away, 2 in Windhoek and 1 in Swakopmund. I have micro lending (cashloan) business, fashion clothing and tailoring company, a recently opened car-wash and I provide vending machines that sell airtime, electricity, pay for GOTV and DSTV.  All of the above-mentioned fall under Planet Miranda.”

How many people does your business employee? (answer if relevant) 

“Currently Planet Miranda has 10 permanent employees and also we employ part time waitresses.”

What struggles have you overcome along the journey?

“My struggles are merely just that not every month you get to make good money, some months are not so profitable . All businesses have their ups and down but I focus on never giving up…”

How can people contact you?

My contact details are as follows:

Cell: 081 319 9347

Email: mirandabusiness1@gmail.com

Facebook: Planet Miranda

Instagram: @planetmiranda

Words of motivation? 

“As long as you have got passion, faith and you are willing to work hard, you can do and be anything you want in this life…”

In the 21st Century, to be a musician is to be an entrepreneur. Launch Magazine caught up with La-toya Mwoombola otherwise known as Lioness to find out her 5 tips to becoming a successful musical entrepreneur.  

Tell us about yourself?

I am la-toya Mwoombola otherwise known as Lioness. I am a musician (rapper- recording artist) and a self made video director. I believe that with every successful career there is a strong business background. I started recording music in 2008 and had my big break in 2017 with the song “Dreams” which has propelled my music to greater heights.

To date, I have worked with  a variety of artists from upcoming, to industry giants. I have been an independent artist since joining the industry. Although I’ve declined signing to record labels, I do not regret my decision. Being an independent artist has allowed me to work at my own discretion and timing without being rushed or held back which is popular in some record labels.
What motivated you to become a musical entrepreneur?
I’ve always believed that to be successful was to understand the dynamics of business and the details thereof. The Music industry is one of the biggest and most lucrative businesses which Involves different disciples of careers. In order for me to have brought quality I needed to understand simple details such as beat selection,pricing, branding etc. It is a flexible career which allows for me to be creative with business deals and plans and involving smaller or upcoming designers, hair dressers, etc.
At first I was discouraged because in Namibia to make money you need have connections and be very innovative. Growing up I never had anything come easy to me, I always had to work 10 times harder (a valuable lesson my late mother taught me) so I worked 10 times harder.  Currently I am at a place in my life where options are endless, where I’ve learned not to limit myself. My sister who is a successful music producer, graphic designer and model in South Africa, allowed me to draw inspiration always. I reluctantly attended conferences ,events etc not knowing that eventually they would contribute in the future.
The industry is booming and hip hop/rap/trap has become one of the most focused genres. Quality is being sought and therefore promising a great future.
How can people contact you for your services?
I have my email address on my social media platforms Facebook,Instagram and twitter.
 My 5 tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur in business :
1. Persevere – relentlessly work on your art, join studio sessions and learn from experienced artists. Ask questions do not be afraid to gain more knowledge.
2. Aggression – healthy aggression, learn to work toward what you want and do not let anything unhealthy stop you. The industry is becoming saturated so learn to act with speed and be everywhere in order to understand the industry. It is cut throat.
3. Criticism – learn to accept constructive criticism from the right people.  If you aren’t doing it right CHANGE it.
4: gratitude – celebrate the little wins- you will always ascend and any form of success is huge success even though it might seem so.
5: Originality – have an idol but only draw inspiration. Do not try to do what has been done.

Opening up your own beauty supply store is a new and exciting adventure to embark on. You might have to set aside some time for serious organization and reflection, but it should be worthwhile in the end. Make sure to find a niche that you’re passionate about, create a thoughtful budget, and set your store up for success! Launch Namibia caught up with Ester Hamukoto who in April Launched Esh-ham Beauty Beauty Plaza, a beauty studio renowned for its excellent service.

To find out more on this entrepreneur kindly read below:

Tell us about yourself and your business?

I am a 29 year old entrepreneur and  in April 2018 I launched my exciting new business called Esh-Ham Beauty Plaza. We have both qualified barbers and hairstylists and one manicurist. Some would ask me, “Why a beauty Salon?” , well for those that know me, know that I love looking and feeling good so I decided to create an enabling environment that compliments how I like to feel. It is from there that  Esh-Ham Beauty Plaza, an upscale hair and beauty salon targeting both men and women of colour was born.

What are the challenges you face?

Like any other startup business one will face multiple challenges but how we overcome the challenges is what sets one apart.

What are the benefits of your business?

The business is still new, I am yet to reap the benefits (laugh).

How can people contact you for your services?

They can visit our salon in town Carl List Mall opposite the old air Namibia offices or contact our salon on 061 221171/0814247723 or email: beautyplaza@eshham.com 

Give your readers 4 tips on how to successfully launch their business?

  • Do your homework upfront.
  • Have a mentor from the same industry you want to venture into.
  • Have enough cash flow to sustain the business for the first 6 months if you have the financial means too, if not be very strategic and engage in a good marketing campaign which is low cost.
  • Your workforce should be customer centered.

Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?

Be yourself and do your homework before launching into a new business venture, work on your SWOT and have a qualified accountant or consultant to prepare a well detailed cash flow projections so that you do not end up in bad cash flow crisis.

Opening a small business bakery from your home or a little shop can be the realization of a lifelong dream. Before you start kneading the dough, you must obtain a couple of important skills therefore attending an Introduction to Baking Masterclass by Shiwa the baker may be a good way to start.

To find out more on this phenomenal Entrepreneur and her Baking Masterclass kindly read below: 

Describe yourself in one word.


What’s the one thing we won’t know about you from a Google search?

I speak German.

You studied Accounting (?), how did you end up becoming a baker?

I never had aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur, let alone a baker. So, it’s safe to say that baking sort of found me. My entry in the industry started two years, as the one half of a now defunct partnership.  But I really got into baking when I searched, without success for someone to bake a cake for a friend’s birthday every baker that I approached was fully booked. I realized that there was a great demand for cakes, and that there was potential to grow a scalable business in the market, and that’s how Shiwa The Baker was born.

How did you hone your baking skills?

I believe that as a baker, once you understand the techniques behind making every day baked goods, the next best step to mastering your craft is to understand the functions of each of the ingredients in a recipe. I spend a lot of time reading about the science of baking, and that’s how I refine my skills. My vision is to become a certified master baker and establish my own baking academy in the next few years – that’s the next level for me. So I’m constantly pushing and challenging myself to become better so that I can earn the title of master baker.

What’s your favourite ingredient to work with and why?

Definitely the flavourant, it adds distinction and character to whatever I am baking. My favourite flavourant is vanilla. I find it to be such a timeless and classic flavor.

What are you most proud of in terms of your business thus far?

My greatest achievement in terms of my business has to be having trained and empowered  60 women over the past 5 months through my Introduction to Baking Masterclass Series. People often ask me where I get the time, and why I share my recipes and knowledge boundlessly.  The reason is very simple: I always keep in mind that I would not be the person I am today if it were not for the experiences and opportunities along the way. The people I came across fostered my enjoyment of the pursuit of my potential, and I want to do the same for others. It is satisfying seeing the difference I have made in many lives.

What do you think sets you apart from your peers in the industry?

The baking industry is growing at a fast pace, but what sets us apart from other bakers is what fuels our growth and motivates our business strategy.  As an entrepreneur, I’m not focused on solely amassing my own wealth. I also believe in collective power – so I’m very passionate about empowering and uplifting others. At the heart of the Shiwa the Baker brand is empowerment and we relish every opportunity we have to impact lives in a more positive and dynamic way than ever before.  Aside from that, the genius of our brand is soft, moist cake.

What can we look forward from you in the near future?

I have an Introduction to Baking Masterclass Roadshow coming up. This is an exciting learning experience for baking enthusiasts, offered in a relaxed, friendly teaching style that encompasses theory, curated demonstration and full hands-on participation. I will be in Otjiwarongo and Oranjemund on the 25th and 29th September respectively, and I’ll cover Ongwediva and Swakopmund on the 13th and 27thOctober. More details can be found on my social media pages (@shiwathebaker on all platforms).