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Launch’s featured entrepreneur for this month is a globe trotter who has performed in the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Tanzania. She is a global citizen born in Windhoek but grew up in the diamond town of Oranjemund, Namibia. A saxophonist, composer, and music instructor who featured in the Namibian Jazz Festival line up for several years, she is also the winner of the 2018 NAMAs Best Album of the Year and Best New Comer awards. She is the multi-talented Namibian jazz phenomenon, Ms Suzy Eises.

What motivated you to go into the music industry? 

Since I was a small child, I have always been a performer. From the time I was 9 years old until my college years, I took lessons in ballet, modern dance, drama, jazz band, wind band, orchestra solo singing and choir competitions.

Are musicians entrepreneurs?

Definitely. We create a product (our music), we perform it, we sell it and we earn a living through the entertainment services we provide.

What challenges have you faced in the music industry? 

There is not much mentorship in terms of teaching upcoming musicians how to manage their careers. Just like any entrepreneur, musicians need business management skills. There is also a lack of funding. I have come to look at the lack of mentorship and financial support as a learning opportunity. It has pushed me to work harder in order to fund my own initiatives. In a way it’s a blessing in disguise.

Is there opportunity in the Namibian music industry for instrumentalists?

Yes. I am very fortunate that there are not many saxophonists in the Namibian music industry, so there’s always work for me. Through dedication and always continually working to improve my craft, I am now at a stage where I can pay for all my expenses and still invest in my business. If I can do it anyone else can.

What are some pointers you can give to aspiring musicians?

One must have faith and humility. Patience and hard work are also very important. There is a quote by Maya Angelou that I love. She says “Nothing will work unless you do”. I love it because there is so much truth in that statement. Many people dream and hope, but never take the necessary risks or follow through with their goals and dreams. I think that is part of the reason some dreams are never fulfilled. You have to work to attain your dreams!

Do you have any words of motivation for those looking to start a music career?  

If you love what you are doing, keep pushing. Success will come.

How can people contact you for your services?

They can reach me via email: suzyeisesmusic@gmail.com or Twitter: @suzyeises

Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful, and there are so many ways you can convert discarded material into a finished beautiful product you can sell. Ndeshi Fikameni did exactly that, she started up Afroprint which produces eco-friendly fashion forward bags, clothing, accessories and furniture. 

Tell us about yourself and what Afro-print is? What motivated you to start your business? Is there opportunity in the industry you are in? What are the prices of your items? How can people contact you for your services? Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?

Afroprint Line is the brainchild of Ndeshi Fikameni, founded in March 2018. I am a NUST Graduate with Bachelors in Human Resources Management and Honours in Business Management. I am a Research Associate at the Institute for Public Policy. I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by the Founders of Kasi Vibe Festival Namibia, Bomba and Salmi Shigwedha who have instilled in me the concept of always keeping my clients happy. Furthermore, my friends, family and social media followers are also part of the team that contribute immensely to the success of the Afroprint Line.

The vision behind Afroprint is to produce eco-friendly fashion forward bags, clothing, accessories and furniture by up-cycling off-cuts (useless pieces from garment, usually thrown away). This simple approach will contribute to the economy by creating jobs and benefiting the marginalized communities.

The inspiration behind the Afroprint Line is because of my love for African fashion, particularly bright colours and prints. Born and raised in the small town of Tsumeb, my interest in fabrics started at a very young age. During my trips to clothing stores, I would visualize how trendy and item would look if only it were made in African print/patterns. Furthermore, I became motivated to venture into this business, as I found it nearly impossible to find for example a fanny-pack in the Delela material which is used to make ‘Oshiwambo traditional attire. Therefore, I took it as an opportunity and started making my own line of bags by using up-cycled offcuts from local designers and tailors such as Ingo Shanyenge (he would always say “Thank you for cleaning up our space”.) and positive feedback from clients within and beyond Namibia.  I went on to create  backpacks, t-shirts and hoodies and many more items to come. Each item is one-of a-kind, with its own story and symbolism, created with care, devotion and an eye for detail.

Our items are unique and tailored to suit customers needs, such items like ours are rare to find, even in big malls. We love what we do and produce quality items that are at the same time unique and trendy. Our items are on demand and giving people a good feeling about being Namibian . The is definitely an opportunity for our products to boom.

Prices of bags: N$300, kiddies N$250

Hoodies: N$400-N$450

Laptop bags. N$180

Conference bags and corporate gifts(prices depend on the packages client orders)

Afroprint caters to almost everyone, children and adults alike. We also cater to corporates whereby we make gifts, conferences and other packages (We Have worked with the Financial Literacy Initiative and made 500 bags for their Start-up Festival 2018). We also cater to tourists who flock to our beautiful country in great numbers.

We currently make use of the social media platforms, namely Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram to advertise our products. ( Handle @afroprint_line)

Afroprint exhibits at various markets around the country, of recent we exhibited at Kasi Vibe Namibia Festival and THE START-UP FESTIVAL which were great platforms to further market and create awareness on our products.  We will be Exhibiting at the Inspirational Table (30 -1 September 2018 at the Windhoek show grounds) , Natural hair, Beauty Expo 15 August and Kasi Vibe 5, 6, 7 October 2018.

Follow us on Instagram/twitter/FB @afroprint_line

Ndeshi can also be contacted on 0817611076

Failing is better than not trying.



Starting your own business is no easy task, but the route to self-employment in accounting has been well mapped. Identify what type of accounting services you want to provide and draft a business plan. After forming your business,  Marketing will be critical to your success. Julius David did exactly that when he founded Windhoek Accounting and Taxation. 

To find out more read below: 

Tell us about yourself?

I am a registered public accountant & registered tax practitioner with deep-rooted passion for taxation. I hold other degrees in marketing, honors in Logistics plus other commerce diplomas, I am a law scholar and Chartered Management Accountant student.

What motivated you to start your business?

I have always been intrigued by taxation during university and I was very curious to learn how it works in practice.

Is there opportunity in the industry you are in?

It is a big industry full of opportunities except one needs to keep abreast with changing tax laws to stay competitive and to be in a position to deliver well-informed advisory services to clients.

Tell us about your struggles. What struggles have you faced?

As Windhoek Accounting & Taxation, like other SMEs it has always been a challenge to attract and retain talent but through capacity development and series of in-house training, we were able to scale up talent and knowledge in the company and that is what help us to stay ahead of competition.

How many people does your business employ?

Windhoek Accounting & Taxation is a subsidiary of Windhoek Commercial Group which employs over 30 full-time employees and roughly 11 casuals. As a company we pride ourselves in cultivating a culture of learning and self-development to uplift employees as individuals.

How can people contact you for your services?

Windhoek Accounting & Taxation

061 402520




Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?

As young entrepreneurs we should invest our time in things that matter, things that will improve our lives, people around us and the community as a whole.


Imagine turning your cultivation field in the village into a brand that you will be proud of. This is what Eunice Nghifikwa did when she started Iyaloo Omahangu, with the help of her mother. We caught up with Eunice so she tells us what motivated her into starting her business.


Tell us about yourself?


I’m Eunice Nghifikwa. I’m 28 years old. I grew up in Ongwediva, in the Northern part of Namibia. I was raised by a single mother. Her hard work really installed a strong work ethic in myself. I am highly motivated and have a strong hunger for more, more opportunities, more growth and more self-belief that i can set my mind to anything and work hard to achieve it.



What motivated you to start your business?


Growing up in the north, I have always loved omahangu porridge and moving to Windhoek it was a struggle to find very good omahangu flour in the local super markets and I would always hear the same complains from friends. My mother and I were one day having a talk about this and that was when we thought of starting milling our own mahangu and start selling it. that was how we started Iyaloo Omahangu. 

Is there opportunity in the industry you are in?


Omahangu is a high-energy, nutritious food, it is mostly consumed by the people in the Northern regions, including Zambezi and the two Kavango regions but there are opportunities to target the wider Namibian market comprising of different ethnic groups. It can be consumed in different ways i.e mahangu cakes/bread, porridge for breakfast, cookies and porridge which is a staple in Namibia. So the market is really big.


A lot of Namibians sit with Mahangu fields but do not capitalize on them, what is your take on that?


Most people grow Mahangu to feed their families, saving for rainy days or they are in areas where everyone else has a field of their own and therefore do not see any market. But it is not everyone that consume omahanguhave a field and most are based in towns and cities. These people can sell their mahangu to locals that can notproduce their own and also there is an opportunity for government to buy unprocessed mahangu from local producers seating with mahangu at home, which can then be processed in to a finished product that can be used in government schools, hospitals and prisons, at the same time financially emancipating our local producers.


Tell us about your struggles. What struggles have you faced?


My biggest struggle is spreading brand awareness. I want to grow Iyaloo Omahangu in to a household name, I want it available on the shelves of every local supermarket but its not always easy trying to convince the supermarkets to put it on their shelves, mostly because they are always scared to sell a new product in case there is no market for it. So the rejection is always hard to take.


How much do your bags sell for?


Currently we only package 5kg and 10kg bags. 5kg is N$70 and 10kg is N$140, Giving discount to supermarkets and anyone buying in bulk. We are currently busy working on making it available in small packages.


How many people does your business employ


We have 5 employees.


How can people contact you for your services?


they can contact us on 0812365743 or email iyaloomahangu@gmail.com and also on our Iyaloo Omahangu Facebook and Instagram pages.


Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?


Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear.Our country is full of opportunities. Whatever great idea you have, just start. Do not be afraid to fail, you learn along the way and even after you fail, do not give up. You gain strength, courage and confidence with every experience.