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SWEAT FITNESS was started by 3 young passionate female entrepreneurs.

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Ever thought about starting your own fitness business, only to abandon the idea because you weren’t sure how to get started? Sweat-fitness shares with us their 3 pointers how you can start your own successful fitness business. This fitness business is owned by 3 young female entrepreneurs, Emily Kandanga, Lwando Mufune and Lwimba Mufune. 

Read below to find out more on them:

Tell us about yourself?
– SWEAT FITNESS was started by 3 young passionate female entrepreneurs with an aim
to show our community that fitness can be a fun journey that leads to efficiency in
several aspects of one’s life. We cater to anyone who is eager to get active but isn’t too
sure where to start. We believe fit is not a body type and if we can motivate just one
person to commit to making the changes needed to lead a healthier lifestyle then we
have done our job.What motivated you to start the business you are in?
– Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyBODY. If you aren’t as disciplined as the
next person but still want to make the commitment to your goals then we are the fitness
service you have been looking for. We want to dispel the misconceptions that health and
fitness is only for a certain type of person and create an environment where our clients
can feel confident to pursue their goals, free from prejudice and with the best knowledge
backing up their pursuit.

Is there business opportunity in your industry?
– Yes! There definitely is, the health, fitness and lifestyle industry in Namibia has several
opportunities for young entrepreneurs a strong passion and will to succeed regardless of
the hurdles that come along with dream chasing. Believe in the possibility of your
dreams enough to be willing to work hard to achieve them.

How can people reach you?
– You can find us on:
– Instagram –  http://www.instagram.com/sweatfitnessnamibia
– Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/sweatfitnessnamibia
– Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuAwHZXUdSIL5TSlXlr1vnQ
– LinkedIN – http://www.linkedin.com/company/sweat-fitness-namibia
– Alternatively you can call us at 0812353521 or 0818150977 or pop us an email at

Give us 3 pointers on what it takes to start a successful fitness club?
– Intrinsic motivation, make sure YOU know and understand why you are starting the club.
If it is just to make money, you will probably find it hard to stick to the grind.
– A passion & love for exercise/movement, watching how movement transforms the lives
of people you train will keep you pushing through those tough days and make the work
you do never feel like work.
– A background in fitness & the education to back it up, like who is lining up to see
unqualified doctors?

Words of motivation to fellow Namibians?
– A wise man once said, Keep It Simple Sam, you honestly don’t need the fancy
equipment or even a gym to get your sweat on. Free yourself from all those excuses that are keeping you from living a full healthy fun life, use your body weight and basic
movements (squat, push up, sit up, plank etc.) with a few tweaks to increase the
intensity as you get stronger. Also, focus on the elements of the journey that you can
control, like what you are eating as opposed to when and how the results are coming in.
Trust the process and don’t ever look back – this will be the best decision you will ever
make for yourself.

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