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Sage by Dee by Dianah Namases, a wrist watch collection to look out for.

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30 year old Dianah Namases recently launched her “Sage by Dee” wrist watch collection. She is the sole owner of SAGE Investments cc 2016/12768 and Launch Namibia’s entrepreneur of the week.

Read the article to find out more on this week’s entrepreneur.

Tell us about yourself and what motivated you to start your company?
My name is Dianah Namases, born and bred in Walvis Bay and I’m a Traffic Officer by profession and a mother to one amazing daughter “Nadine”, she is my strength and pillar. Well I regard myself has an incurable optimist, no matter how many negative things happen in my life I always transform them into positives and am loyally committed to a positive mindset.

My business is registered under Sage Investments cc and what motivated me to do a “cosmetic watch line” was the thrill and excitement on the idea of how the watches would look. My purpose is to live a life that’s of relevance, freedom, security, adventure, experiences and to be able to impact on my fellow beings whilst striving for the best through my “Sage by Dee” wrist watches which are COPYRIGHT and TRADEMARK APPROVED by Business Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA).

I believe that every human alive has a purpose that goes much deeper than simply enjoying a career or the money that comes with it. The sooner you begin the process of discovering it, the sooner you can find more meaning and fulfillment in what you do or want to do.

Is there a market for cosmetic watches in Namibia?
I strongly believe that there’s a great market for cosmetic watches. All they have to be is branded properly, taking into account, the quality, fashion or style of the watches. My watches are aesthetically pleasing, giving of a Namibian fell to them as they have the designed names of the Namibian diversity towns, hamlets, regions, villages and lodges on them. I strongly believe the cost of my watches are fair enough and regardless, Namibians should support local.

Final words to those looking to start a business:
To anyone who wants to start a business, look at the work you have done before, and think about ways in which you can package your skills and offer them as your own services and products. “DO WHAT YOU KNOW”.

But at the same time learn about other businesses that interest you. Once you have identified a business you like, emulate it. Business planning also improves your chances for success. A business plan will help you gain clarity, focus, and confidence. As you write down your goals, strategies and action steps, your business becomes real.

THEY OFTEN SAY “THE SKY IS THE LIMIT” and maybe it is or maybe it isn’t… But whatever the case maybe, one has to decide what their limits are and how far they are willing to go in their journey. Be different in everything you do. The most important thing at the start is to make sure you really believe in what you are trying to achieve and that you are solving a problem worth solving.


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