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Rapid Learning Africa is an edtech startup by Christine Thikusho

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Christine Thikusho is an alumna of the University of Pretoria and founder of Rapid Learning Africa, an edtech start-up digital platform. She has 7 years working experience in the mining industry (Zinc & Uranium mines). She is passionate about education and making a difference on the African continent, which inspired her to start her company. Through Rapid Learning Africa’s platform, her vision is that it becomes a hub where entrepreneurs gain practical knowledge to thrive in their businesses.

What is Rapid Learning Africa?

Rapid Learning Africa is an edtech startup, a Pan-African digital platform that aims to provide high quality learning resources for entrepreneurs.

What products/services do you offer?

We offer an opportunity for brands to market their businesses on the platform. This is done through a Q&A interview session with founders, instagram live chats and creating social media posts for companies who choose to advertise through our social media platforms. The start-up also hosts educational seminars that aims at creating a networking experience where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can exchange ideas & thrive.

What was the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind the start-up is just sheer passion. l love helping people and it gives me great joy seeing them succeed in what makes their heart sing. Namibia and the continent at large has a high unemployment rate. Today we see so many qualified graduates not being able to secure jobs. This inspired me to create a platform that would help entrepreneurs gain the necessary resources to excel in business. We are still working on curating this content however, we should be seeing the brand in 2020 interacting more with entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is hard and no one should be doing it alone, this is where a community of entrepreneurs helps in realising dreams and making impact.

What challenges have you experienced?

With the start-up being a digital platform, it is a challenge convincing people to make payments online. I am in the process of understanding how this is playing out in other African markets, but it turns out people are still hesitant to buy online. This is something we need to figure out real quick going forward as a start-up.

What is your philosophy in business?

I believe doing business means helping people, no one should go in business because they want to get rich quickly. Building a legacy business will take time and a lot of sweat and that is something we need to understand as entrepreneurs. I don’t believe in get rich quick schemes and overnight success. As an entrepreneur, focus on creating value for your customers and eventually the money will follow. The bottom line is enjoying what you do and really doing it wholeheartedly.

What is the most interesting thing about Rapid Learning Africa?

The interesting thing I would say is that we have a love for people. We want to see people succeed in what they choose to do.

Visit their website on: www.rapidlearningafrica.com or contact Christine on:

Email: info@rapidlearningafrica.com

Instagram: @christinethikusho

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