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Power Six represents the power of the 6 founders who are all boilermakers by profession – Paulina Alfeus

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Lover of the environment Paulina Alfeus, saw the depression of our trees and decided to venture into sustainable development.  Paulina was born in Onavivi village 30km outside Outapi and, she grew up in Oniipa.  She is a proud product of Oniipa, a place that she believes taught her so much personal courage. She is a social entrepreneur that believes in the betterment of the environment and Namibia at large.  She is a boilermaker by profession, graduated from Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) in 2016.  She was employed at Rossing Uranium Mine before she left to start up Power Six.

What is Power Six and what do you do?

We are a manufacturing company that specializes in up-cycling scrap material to make furniture and other household products. All the material we use is locally sourced.  Mainly we make use of oil barrels with additional materials such as cushions, foam and leather.  The reason we use oil barrels is to reduce cutting down of trees and reduce the oil pollution that is otherwise caused by the waste oil barrels.

So far we’ve produced chairs, couches, tables and cribs that we’ve catered to hospitality places such lodges, bars, hotels, parks and individual clients.  Our biggest clients and target market is individual persons and SMEs.

As a start-up how do you ensure that you produce a quality product?

We do testing to test for product strength and lifespan against the environment.  So far, we are testing in three areas Swakopmund, Ondangwa and Windhoek where we left a product each.  We call these “controllers”.  The controllers are exposed to different types of weather, and are being used daily.

The plan is to offer a 5 year guarantee to our clients on their products, therefore the testing will be done for 5 years.

What challenges have you experienced?

Our main challenge has been land.  Because of the nature of our business, we have to operate in an industrial noise zone area. It is hard to secure sufficient space in the right zone area in our range of affordability.

Start-up capital is another challenge, however, we’ve secured some funds through competitions.

What is your philosophy in business?

I believe in being unique and standing out, as this helps you to stand out in business for the consumers.  Always ensure that you are 2 steps ahead of your competition.

What advice will you give to someone that wants to start a business?

Be innovative.  Be different from the competition in that you create a new product, idea or method.

Power Six represents the power of the 6 founders who are all boilermakers by profession.  It is youth owned and is made up of 3 females and 3 males.  It was registered in 2017 and began operations early 2018. They have scooped up prizes at competitions such as SME Compete (2nd place); NCRST FemBioBiz III (3rd place); Creative Business Cup Namibia (Winner); and Entrepreneurship World Cup Namibia (2nd place).

Contact Power Six Investment at:

Paulina: +264 81 428 9844

Email: power6investment@gmail.com

Facebook: Power Six Investment cc

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