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Pandu Iitula is the founder of Pandu Makeup Artistry, a platform she uses to teach women on how to do their own makeup.

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If you’re thinking of becoming a makeup artist or you simply want to learn how to do your own makeup, then this feature is for you. Pandu Iitula is the founder of Pandu Makeup Artistry, a platform she uses to teach women on how to do their own makeup. She gives us her 5 pointers you need to become a successful makeup artist. 

Read below to find out more: 

Question 1: Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Martha Pandu Iitula, a 28-year-old from Etunda, Okahao. I started school at Netumbo Primary School at Etunda Okahao, then matriculated at Etosha Secondary School, Tsumeb. I am a Land Use Planner and Project Management graduate. 

Question 2: What made you start your business? How was the experience?

When I relocated to the northern part of Namibia in 2012, I realized that there was a need for beauty shop because the demand for beauty products and service was so high especially during wedding seasons. That is when I came up with an idea of opening up Honey Hive Beauty Spa in 2014I started off by selling Brazilian hair & closures, handbags, nail kits and Peruvian hair from home. My little business failed because I could not afford to rent out a place in a complex and I gave up completely. In May 2017, I uploaded a selfie on my Facebook page and two friends namely, Agnes Ndakalako and Taleni Mbeeli commented on my selfie motivating me to take my makeup skills to another level. That is when I enrolled for Makeup Master Class with Ms Hannah Nangula of Hanna Makeup Academy. Here I am today, we turned a year in July with one employee and we conduct Self Glam Training’s whereby I teach other ladies how to their own makeup! 

Question 3: Is there opportunity in this industry?

Yes, so much opportunity. Especially with bridal clients! Now that I am specializing in both makeup, nails and skin care, I expect it!

Question 4: tell us about your struggles? 

I struggled with sponsorship and of course pulling the whole makeup artistry off was not easy because I truly lacked confidence. I didn’t take criticism lightly. 

Question 5: What makes your business unique?

The fact that I conduct Self glam training’s to empower women to do well for themselves. My business is all about women empowerment. The future is women remember?

Question 6: How can people contact you?

The following are my social media pages:

Instagram: @pandumakeupa

Facebook: Pandu Makeup Artistry

Twitter: @muddy_gsmile

Cell: +264812722416

Question 7: Words of motivation to those looking to start a business? 

Do not listen to that little voice coming from within saying that YOU CANNOT. Anything is possible as long as you put in as much effort, you network with people and you should always be positive. Do not take critics personally. Take them as learning exercises. 

Pandu’s 5 points on what you need to do to become a makeup artist:
1. Have confidence because every second you are going to be reminded how bad your work and how good others are
2. Go for makeup training with a registered Academy. It helps. You tube tutorials will never be sufficient.
3. Practice on friends and family.
4. Go for refreshers in between. Do not rely on your trainer and your own knowledge and skills only.
5. Build your kit with time

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