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Launch Namibia had the pleasure of attending E-Commerce Payments Methods Bootcamp on Thursday March 5 th 2020, organised and curated by GIZ Namibia. The educative session was held at The Village (Opera House) in Windhoek. The programme was facilitated by Sannssi Cissé, Head of Collaboration at GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation. The boot camp consisted of informative talks, a panel discussion, a keynote address and most importantly, parallel breakaway sessions. The key note address was given by Mr. Llewellyn Le Hané, the Managing Director at Green Enterprise Solutions. It firmly laid the foundations of the conversations that were to follow as Mr. Le Hané spoke comprehensively about e-commerce payment methods at not only a global level but also specifically at an African and Namibian level, as was relevant. Mr. Le Hané said that Africa’s market is currently ripe for E-commerce. He further stated that Africa’s E-commerce industry would be worth an estimated USD75 billion by 2025. In his opinion, E-commerce allows for the bridging of African and global markets, regardless of a country’s population & economic status. Despite this, he felt that Namibia is currently being left behind in terms of payment methods. As much as he is optimistic about the growth of E-commerce in Namibia, equally there are hurdles to overcome. These hurdles include issues of trust & fraud, weak delivery of e- commerce payment methods, lack of infrastructure to move products from point A to B i.e. doorstep delivery and little to no easy-to-use payment systems & gateway. Additionally, intra-regional & global economies are limited despite what may seem like apparent access. Namibia’s E-commerce and its payment methods are in need of serious enhancement to solve these issues. For this to happen, key players need to be involved, and these include the government, financial institutions as well as the start-ups and businesses making use of these payment methods. Those in attendance listened attentively and took notes as topics like Banking Regulations, Starting & Scaling a Digital Business and the Future of E-commerce in Namibia & Implications for Start-Ups were thoroughly discussed. Attendees further listened to the success story of Ms. Beatha Shitemba, owner of Nels Babies, on her transition from traditional to digital economy. The highlight of the bootcamp was the Parallel Breakway Sessions which comprised of three different topics, namely: 1. SMS Payment: An Innovative Way to Do Payments – conducted by Mr. Macveren Kapukare & Mr. Jessé Schiceya; 2. PayToday – Namibia’s easy, safe and secure payment method – conducted by Mr. Chris Botha, PayToday Co-founder; 3. 5 Steps to Build an Online Shop, Including Payments – Green Enterprise solutions. Attendees selected their topic of interest before the programme commenced and were later separated into their chosen groups, wherein they not only listened and learned but also discussed and asked questions. Overall, the bootcamp was beneficial, not only because stakeholders from the entire value chain of E- important industries were invited, but also because topics & discussions were thoroughly dived into. Thank you to Anna Vambe and the GIZ Namibia team for organising yet another successful event which enhance the Namibian entrepreneurial ecosystem.











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