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Magdalena Nangolo, founder of H-Interiors

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“If you wait for everything to be perfect, you will never start! So, what are you waiting for?” Says Magdalena Nangolo, founder of H-Interiors and an Entrepreneurship and New Ventures Management student at the University of Namibia.


Tell us about your business?

My business name is called H-interiors, H comes from the first letter of my second name. I sell beds, headboards, ottomans and tables and I also reupholster couches, including all build in cupboards.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’m inspired by the fact that I am always receiving new designs and overwhelming comments from customers and that my customers bring me more customers without me having to go an extra-Mile for my marketing strategies. The fact that my products attract more customers through other customers really inspires me, and most importantly I’m also inspired by fellow young business-minded and young entrepreneurs in my community that are excelling well and that are not giving up on their businesses regardless of the challenges.

When designing, what matters to you most? Functionality or aestheticism?

When designing these products, what matters the most is full-filling my customer’s needs, by making sure I give them exactly the same designs they requested for and quality product they expect from me, therefore design functionality matters to me more than aestheticism, though they both are very important.

How do you handle the pressures in your business?

As any other businesses, there will always be pressure mostly from customers. In most cases, customers expect their products to be done in less time whereas I need a specific time to deliver the products. Nevertheless, a reminder of the number of days remaining to obtain end-products always calms them down.

Also, if materials are late or not available then it can be another issue and always have to pressurize the suppliers for the material. I have different suppliers for the materials I use so that I have more options to prices and availability too.

Do you welcome client involvement?

Client involvement is very dominant in my business due to that what I design or my end-products always depend on the customer’s design they requested for with the type of material they would like me to use, though they are not involved physically in terms of working on their items.

They are also involved that I accept and allow them to make comments about how they feel about their products, whether good or bad. In case of bad comments, I use that to improve on the next customers products and that we do not repeat the same mistake if there was any picked up by customers.

What defines your style?

My style is defined mainly by the type and quality of materials I use, and also customer’s design-demands.

Words of advice to others that want to break into your industry?

Don’t try and take 10 things at the same time. Be patient with yourself, start where you are and with what you have and what you can.

What are your contact details?

You can contact H-Interiors at +264814830624 or email magretnangolo@gmail.com 

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