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“Inspired by the ability to own and create something that is truly my vision, and use that to improve the quality of life for those around me.”

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Hamika Trading Group derives its name from the combination of the first two letters from the names of founder Haishonga Mike Kauvitheni, and it offers its services country wide. Hamika Trading Group, is the cash prize sponsor for Pitch Night Volume – 3 and the upcoming Pitch Night Volume – 4.

1. Tell us about yourself and your company?
My Name is Kauvitheni Haishonga, I was born in Ruacana and grew up in a small village called Uulwege in Okando Uukwambi with my grandparents.  Business wise, I run a portfolio of businesses and investments with various divisions, from Capital, Technology, Property and Industrial Machinery maintenance.

2. Knowing what you know now as an entrepreneur, what mistakes do you wish you
could have avoided?
Get the right team around you that shares one goal and guide them to carry your vision. Stop being “Mr. Do it all”, everyone needs help to reach the set goals.

3. Seeing as your company is a group of companies, which is your most lucrative
We started with Hamika Mobi-lift division as it is our first venture, and it remains to be the most lucrative. This division deals with the inspection and load testing, lifting equipment operator training and certification, repairs, heavy duty equipment rental such as cranes, forklifts among others.

4. Which division would you say you are most passionate about?
I would say all of them. When I started my business, the first thing I did was to write down everything that I am passionate about and what makes me happy. These varied from Technology, Capital, Lifting Equipment (Cranes) and Property. However, I currently most excited about the Pocket Bar. We are in the age of technology and it fascinates me that we are about to launch an application that would allow businesses and individuals alike to order their liquor, and have it delivered. Even though the application is still in the development process, we have started offering the delivery service to some businesses in the coastal area already. My hope is to offer this service in Windhoek and the Northern area too once the application has been launched.

5. How does a young entrepreneur achieve/get to grow to the stage that you have
They must not let people’s opinions and fears have an impact on their dreams. Everyone is designed differently, we just need to find our motive or inspiration as to why we are doing it. My advice is, to not let our current economic situation make us lazy because things are tough, of course things will be tough. Nothing comes easy. My point is, if you can survive when things are tough then you can survive anything. They must not wait for the opportunity, they should create their own opportunities and own it.

6. Provide a brief overview of all the divisions under Hamika Trading Group?
HAMIKA Business Consultants provides a service to companies such as compiling business plans; project business proposals as well as business profiles. This division also entails a service of registering companies as it also assists businesses in applying for SME and Employment Equity Certification.

HAMIKA Aquarius operate under a memorandum of understanding between HAMIKA Trading group and Aquarius Brands™. This division is the least active and it deals with provision products include AWS AquaBoy® air to water generators™, AquaSaver™ water purification systems and Boomerang™ high-capacity compact bottling machines.

HAMIKA Capital deals with the provision of Retirement Funds to in house -staff and outside payroll service to provide seamless data transfers to ease the administrative burden for companies. It assists the company in establishing and maintaining a solid retirement plan that promotes and supports the goals and objectives of your business, control costs and gives both employers and employees a sense of security. It gives the Company more control over the capital. Currently we have 20 permanent employees to whom we offer this service to.

HAMIKA Mobilift deals with the inspection and load testing, lifting equipment operator training and certification, overhaul & repair, equipment rental: cranes, forklift, boom lift, scissor lift etc.; maintain defects picked up on machines as well as selling spare parts to other companies for cranes , forklifts as well as earth moving equipment. So far these services have been provided to companies such as Powercom.

Pocket Bar ™ offers delivery of wine, beer, spirits, non-alcoholic mixers and all type of condoms through the mobile app, Website and phone order with an easy-to-use setup and streamlined interface. The aim of Pocket Bar is to create a retailer network platform for the consumers on their mobile device and avoid standing in long line & help retailers to identify and
own their audiences by keeping a direct relationship.

HAMIKA Properties deals with the construction of houses, hospitals, schools, offices, and leisure centers etc. It is was also responsible for the construction of the block of toilets in the Tutaleni area in Walvis Bay in 2018.

HAMIKA Technology deals with developing Mobile apps, software applications specifically for ports and cargo terminals. Which includes port management & community system, a single- and multi-purpose terminal management system, a maritime invoicing solution as well as an oil & gas export administration system. Supply of Aviation – Obstruction – Light, Solar – Aviation – Obstruction – Light, Solar – Airport – Lighting, Helipad – Light, LED – Marine – Lantern, and Aircraft – Warning – Sphere.

Contact Hamika Trading Group on:
Email: info@hamikagroup.com
Website: www.hamikagroup.com
Tell: +264 64 220 560
Physical Address: Langer Heinrich Street Walvis Bay, Coastal Industrial Park No. 8

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