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How to dress for a business meeting by Disney Andreas

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How should you look for your business meetings? Well this week Launch Magazine caught up with Disney Andreas who is an entrepreneur that co-owns Monochrome Magazine and she had this to say: 

Well, Dressing business casual is one of the ways you could go about it. Imagine switching up pieces of your suit by substituting your trousers to jeans or your court heels with sneakers just to feel a littlemore comfortable at work.

Let’s take it back to 1992 where Levi’s marketing team crafted “A Guide to Casual Business wear,” which was a pamphlet that showed professionals smartly dressed in Levi’s products, notably its Dockers khakis. The company sent the pamphlet to 25,000 HR departments across USA and it spread like fire.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a fine line between business casual and just plain casual. You still need to keep in mind your clients and potential customers’ attitudes to business attire and your sense of professionalism.

Here are some tips from http://www.marketplace.org/topics/business/workplace-culture/dress-code-history-business-casual for wearing business casual:

1.Casual does not mean sloppy. You can dress casually and look professional.
2.Avoid ripped jeans and “distressed” clothes.
3.Sleeveless shirts and tank tops are inappropriate for most offices; cover bare shoulders with a blazer or cardigan if necessary.
4.Leave flashy, “loud” clothing (including T-shirts with printed messages) at home.
5.Avoid lingerie looks or too revealing outfits in the office. Be sure to check that garments are not too transparent.
6.Accessories can make or break a casual outfit; consider the style and tone of the outfit when choosing belts, scarves, ties and jewelry.
7.Save athletic clothing, workout wear, beachwear and sweats for after work.
8.Don’t forget to check footwear; open-toe sandals and sneakers may not be appropriate. Bare legs can also be considered too casual.

Unconventional way of dressing up are more comfortable. Not only does it save you a couple of Namibian dollar when buying clothes, it is also less restrictive and more fun. Just remember that what you put on does not define what you are capable of putting on the table.

Here are some of my ideas for dressing business casual:
Look 1: Monkey suit with sneakers.
Look 2: Blazer, shorts and heels.
Look 3: White crisp shirt, Jeans and heels.

By Disney Andreas

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