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Owning a business comes with numerous perks, it is a liberating and vesting achievement. You are your own boss and have the final say over the affairs of your business. Sometimes as business owners we reach a new height of success and get comfortable. The sky is the limit, constantly challenge your business and aim for greater heights, question your business, make changes where necessary, see your customers as your lifeline.
Here are a few tips to help you move to GREATER heights:
• Your target market isn’t “everyone.” – No shop in the world has something for everyone. Find the people who will love what you do and what you have, treat them right and they will spread the word.
• What you do isn’t special. – There are roughly hundreds of other people in Namibia who do what you do. What you do isn’t the magic. The real magic comes from a combination of why you do it, for whom you do it, and how you do it.
• Your business bank account isn’t a piggy bank. – don’t use your business funds for personal expenses keep the two separate.
• Listening is the best business skill you’ll ever acquire – To your customers, To your employees, To your community and industry colleagues. If we listened half as much as we spoke, I can only imagine where each of our businesses would be.
• There are no overnight successes -If you hear otherwise, it’s a lie. Success comes from an artful combination of self-effacement, firmness, failure, and opportunity. None of those things happen overnight—despite what some may say.

Written by Launch Magazine

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