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Get inspired by Poiyah Media, a media power house owned by a black Namibian female entrepreneur – Ilke Platt

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Poiyah Media was founded by Ilke Platt and is 100% owned by a black Namibian female entrepreneur. She is a well renowned television, radio personality, and has over ten years- experience in the corporate industry having served corporates including the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, Sanlam and Old Mutual in the Marketing and Communications department respectively. Having hosted many high profiled events for over sixteen years, Platt has an extensive experience through live broadcast events with significant role players in attendance such as the Founding Father, First Lady of Namibia and several Ministers.

She is a Masters graduate from the University of Namibia, and has a passion for the community thus she focused her thesis on corporate social responsibility and sustainability. In 2015, she served on the board of Junior Achievement Namibia, prioritizing the Namibian Youth needs and development. She is currently a PHD Candidate through UNAM and serves on UNAM ALUMNI EXCO.

Former chair of Prisa Namibia (Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa), Platt has vast knowledge of the public relations industry locally and internationally. She was a finalist for the Economist Young Business Women of the Year (2017). As founder of her public relations and communications firm, Poiyah Media, they won the Best Media Partner for the Global Start-Up Awards 2019 (at National level). 

1. What is Poiyah Media?

Poiyah is derived from the names of founder’s two sons, Popyeni and Oiyah. Poiyah Media believes firmly in reputation and the goodwill of companies that operate in its respective communities. Sharing the story of the company and its purpose are
critical. Therefore, we strive to not only boost image/brand but most importantly reputation. Relationship with each partner is key to allow these messages to freely express themselves. Upon engagement, each product/service should be as good as
it can be to ensure that public relations and communication are only secondary. As our slogan resonates “Word of Mouth”, we wish to not only create awareness but to allow your brand to be as good as what the next person would say.

  • Services include the following:
     Media Coverage – Through well written and thought out articles to captivate
    an audience;
    Conceptualization Public Relations Campaigns – Detailed execution process;
    Content Generation – Messaging suitable for your brand and timely delivery;
    Corporate Social Responsibility – The ability to define most suitable projects and execution towards an impact cause with measurement delivery, this also includes drive towards staff involvement;
    Brand Management –Communications and public relations strategies to identify key areas of improvement.

2. What is the inspiration behind Poiyah Media?
There was a need to customize public relations and communications for start-ups and to cater to entrepreneurs who lack brand awareness and cannot afford full time public relations agencies.

3. What is your philosophy in business?
True to our slogan “word of mouth”, your work should speak for itself. Your business should be as good as people say it is. That allows new business for your organization and creates a sustainable business model.

4. If we had to quote you on one thing, what would you say?

Always put God first in all you do, even in business. He’s the one that always provides for you and your family every single day.

5. How has your experience with breaking into this industry been?
When I started out it was really tough and rough emotionally. I had just filed for a divorce and emotionally wasn’t prepared to start my business. Financially, I inherited a lot of debts from my marriage and I struggled to make ends meet just with the
basics. Apart from the behind the scenes, my network of over 17 years has allowed the second year to be easier with me pro-actively engaging and putting my company out there.

6. What are the challenges that you’ve faced?
Learning to not take on more than I can chew. I love multi-tasking. I will always say yes and do the impossible. But, in the entrepreneurial world you need to know how much you can actually put on your plate without burning out. I can remember I took on two major events in one week, with the second event hosting close to 10K attendees. We managed to pull off both events however it’s challenging staying energized and driven to execute your level best.

7. Tell us about the internship you offer and youth engagement at Poiyah Media?
We are proud to boast that 80% of our former interns have landed a full time job. They’ve been sourced through Poiyah Media based on the talent and skills portrayed by the interns. I am like a proud mother looking at my former interns in the corporate
world making their own money and developing their own brands individually.

8. What advice will you give to any upcoming entrepreneur in your

Not everyone is made for the entrepreneurial world. You need to self-motivate. You need to remind yourself every day why you jumped boat. Every day will not be the same, which I love and everyday will have a new and exciting chapter. There is never a dull moment in this industry. You get work with different people on various projects and you get to switch your hat every single day. It can however be financially depressing but on the good days, you are able to pay your expenses 6 months in advance which makes it worthwhile.


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