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Generational FOCUS by Augustinus

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“We are overcoming the challenges as we learn by day.

Augustinus Ngombe is an entrepreneur, and the founder & managing director of Generational FOCUS Consultancy. He was born in a village called Gcamade, West of Rundu, in the now Kavango West. He attended primary school at Gcamade JP, before later moving to Siya S.P and Sinzogoro S.P respectively. He completed his high school at Leevi Hakusembe Senior Secondary School.

Augustinus served as an LRC for Academic Affairs at the age of 15 and later quit, but his teachers and learners still qualified him as a leader without any title. This would later translate in his unquenched thirst to understand the subject of leadership. His junior achievements include participating in the UNESCO Science Fair as a regional representative and leading his school choir & the debate club, which served as platforms to practice thought-leadership and orator of the time in school.

Augustinus describes himself as “an agile leader, teacher and administrator by profession who has made many to experience the greatest feeling of self-discovery, empowered, informed, inspired and equipped to deliver to the best of their abilities in various areas.” He encourages thought-provoking to imagine beyond their limits in the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship to develop a deeper understanding of self. He is the author of Leadership & Knowledge, an eloquent orator, gospel singer, educator with dynamic skills and knowledge inspired by biblical wisdom.

He is passionate about empowerment and bridging gaps through motivation, training and capacity building. He has shared stages and worked with influential scholars and leaders such as Prof. PLO Lumumba who reviewed and spoke at the launch of his book & wrote its foreword.

Tell us more about Generational FOCUS Consultancy, what inspired you to start this business, the services you offer as well as the team behind your startup (if any).

“Generational FOCUS Consultancy was founded in 2017 as a platform that brings experts that discuss leadership and entrepreneurial matters to bridge the gaps of the knowledgeable and less knowledgeable, resourceful and less resourceful, as a form of empowerment. The summarized activities or services offered by the consultancy are:

  • Knowledge importation & empowerment of leaders and entrepreneurs in the areas of: purpose identification, change management, emotional intelligence, innovative thinking;
  • Business and entrepreneurial advising and training;
  • Financial and business management services;
  • Sale of books on the topics of leadership and knowledge;
  • Publishing of leadership and entrepreneurial study materials and books.

Thus far GFC has managed to host influential leaders on our online platform, the likes of Hon. Tom Alweendo, Rt. Gen. Ndaitwah, Mrs. Sanet Steenkamp, Otto Kapuka, Prof. Tshilidzhi and more. Their founder, Augustinus, has also trained MANWU far North Shop Stewards in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and moderated a social dialogue of trade Unions (NUNW, NEF, Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation and Ministry of Finance) about the future of work in Namibia. He has been hosted on TV and radio episodes on various leadership subjects and he is a columnist.

GFC has a team made up of:

  • Augustinus M Ngombe, Founder and Managing Director;
  • Sivambo K Peter, Project Manager;
  • Guerschom Ndianga, Stakeholder Engagement Partner;
  • Christine-Ritah Namusobya Abankwah, Coach, Advisor and Partner.”

What challenges have you encountered on your entrepreneurial journey and how did you overcome some of them?

Challenges we have faced:

  • Financial backlog, to layout great platform that can reach more people, payment of the services used;
  • Trust of the corporate world to allow us to offer our services like training of their employees;
  • Exposure and marketing platforms are limited when you are new in the business;
  • Rarity of the experts to partner with on our projects.

Mechanisms to overcome them:

  • We rely on our network to get referrals and assistance where possible;
  • We fundamentally rely on giving excellent services to our clients to create a strong customer relation;
  • We are living in our means to avoid over expenditures;
  • Having a strong value system that fosters trust amongst our customers and partners.

We are overcoming the challenges as we learn by day.”

What advice would you give to someone trying to break into this industry?

“This industry requires no chance-takers but people who are vested in the services offered. There is no short way to its success except investing in yourself to be well-equipped. One needs resilience and self-efficacy to earn the trust and credentials to work with others, whether individuals or corporates. Those who are principled make it greater in this area even though it takes time. This journey will require you to be patient and accountable as virtues.”

Do you have a business philosophy? If so, what is it?

“Bridging generational leadership gaps is cornerstone of sustainable and transformational leadership.”

What are the company values that have been integral in getting you this far?

“Our core values are:

  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Accountability.”

One often hears of poor customer service & experiences in startups; what measures do you have in place to ensure the best experience for your customers?

“We have established a customer review system through which we seek honest feedback from our clients: what we have done well and where we haven’t delivered satisfactorily. Further measures include:

  • Lifelong learning of team members to ensure the efficiency of service delivery;
  • Scrutiny of the content to be released to the clients to ensure that services are offered with excellence;
  • Tailor-made content to our clients;
  • Exercising partnership-leadership instead of title-based leadership.”

How do you see charity and nonprofit work overlapping with your business?

“We are driven by empowering and bridging gaps; hence we indirectly offer our services for free as a way to teach people how to fish and not to always be given fish. Generational FOCUS cc is accessed freely by the participants thus it is charitable to the society.”

What role does your startup play in nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Namibia?

“Empowerment through our free discussions led by the experts in various industries which make information available. Those who follow Generational FOCUS cc have experienced free information sharing. Not only that, but our articles in the newspaper tackle some of the entrepreneurial challenges. We offer training where materials can be accessed at an affordable rate. Having partnered with coaches, we do referrals to the experts in finance, branding and other crucial areas in entrepreneurship.”

How significant is collaboration in the growth & scaling of a start-up?

“It is crucial to collaborate or partner with others as it allows both participants to use each other’s strengths to pull each other. It allows both businesses to tap into the other’s network, whether it is customers, investors or suppliers. It is a skill recommended to every entrepreneur.”

What recommendations would you make towards the advancement of startups, and/or the improvement of their operating conditions? * i.e. support of startups, funding schemes, workshops, policy changes etc.

“Knowledge is power thus start-ups must be well informed and equipped through workshops and entrepreneurial seminars before they step into getting financial facilities. This will prepare for the cause and learn from experts and other entrepreneurs who may be in their service or product provision and learn from their mistakes. This cuts off time wastage and trims the business to what may be suitable for that moment. Secondly, they should learn risk management and record keeping to allow them opportunities into acquiring funding.”

In 2020, entrepreneurs lived through a tumultuous period with the arrival of the COVID- 19 pandemic; what was your biggest business lesson that you can share?

“The main lesson was to be flexible in our strategies as change is always inevitable; that businesses should embrace saving for unprecedented times such as the pandemic. It was an eye-opener for the government to see the relevance of the SMEs and the urgency of making policies favorable for such entities.”

Email: generationalfocus@gmail.com

Cell: +26481 615 2861

Facebook: Generational Focus

Instagram: @GenerationalFocus

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