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“Focus on who you are and on your happiness.” – Gweri Socks

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  • Says, Pinehas Shikulo widely known as Zulu Boy who studied Visual Arts at the University of Namibia, and is a founder of the Gweri Vintage Collection.

In an attempt to find happy socks that spoke true to his being, his culture and the love for his country, Zulu Boy together with Carlos Gurirab partnered up and created the sensation that is Gweri Vintage Collection, under which the most loved Gweri Socks hail from.

Launch Namibia met with Zulu Boy the ‘artist behind the designs’ to discuss his inspiration and what to expect from the brand.

(Photo credits to the Photobooth)

What inspired your product?

I love happy socks, so I wanted to create socks were ‘happiness’ is drawn from our own cultural, traditional and Namibian experiences.  I do most designs myself, currently we have thirteen (13) designs out that I have either done by myself or have collaborated with other people. So, all the designs are very personal to me, I draw my inspiration from Namibian natural colours, landscape, photography, and people.  Gweri socks represent the diversity of Namibia, and it is from that diversity that the inspiration for the designs comes from.

What are the challenges that you have faced in this business?

Our biggest challenge has been the production of the product.  Right now, the manufacturing of the socks is being done in South Africa.  That has been an issue as it causes delays, and the product sometimes does not arrive on time.  Meanwhile, we would have pending orders from clients.  This is terrible for our reputation in delivering the product. However, we always communicate to our clients and try to remedy the problem.

What has been the most fulfilling thing about this journey?

The immense support and how receptive people were to the product that we put out.  Our clients are patient and appreciative, there are weeks were we cater to about 400 people.

(Photo credits to the Photobooth)

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs that want to break into the creative industry?

It’s a risk but, it’s an opportunity that should one decide to take; would ride you through criticism that you should learn from, inspiration that you should draw from and passion that should fuel and keep you going. Ask for help, do your research and collaborate. Most importantly, do not take it personal.  Sometimes a product may fail, the possibility of these socks failing were and are still there, but do not let that derail you from what you’re trying to achieve. Just smile.

How did you come up with the packaging?

We wanted something playful and light, not too serious. Unlike the manufacturing of the socks, we do the packaging ourselves, so from time to time it will be different.

Has there been any growth and what should we expect from Gweri Vintage Collection?

Definitely, We used to produce one hundred and fifty (150) pairs of socks when we started, today we are producing over one thousand two hundred (1200) pairs of socks”.  Another product from Gweri Vintage Collection is the Clothing Collection that debut at the Windhoek Fashion Show in 2018.

We will be incorporating the stories that inspired the designs on our labels; that is something fun to look forward to.  We are also working on partnerships to make the product widely accessible, and we will be releasing new items/products.  Keep an eye out.

Where to find the product?

It is available at our offices in Bismarck Street 13, no 1 and at Nictus Windhoek.

Contact Zulu Boy @ +264852616380 or send an email to gwerivintagecollection@gmail.com

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