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Fluffy’s artistry is easily becoming one of the most loved salons in Shandumbala Windhoek.

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Fluffy’s Artistry that was only launched in December 2018, is easily becoming one of the most loved salons in Shandumbala Windhoek.  During the launch they released a booklet that featured their clients and the hairstyles done during the course of the year.  The salon is loved for its welcoming environment or it could be the tea and biscuits that they serve. The team at Launch magazine had to sit down with Fluffy to find out how she made her dream materialize.

Who is Fluffy?

My name is Fransina Nikodemus, Fluffy is the nickname that my peers called me in high school because of my sweet welcoming personality.  My business is called Fluffy’s Artistry derived from my nickname, we specialize in hair styling.  We do wigs and weave, we’ve also styled for events such as weddings and graduations.

What inspired you to start your business?

Growing up, my mother had dreads and I always did her hair maintenance and styling as they grew longer.  I also did my friends hair at school; in fact I love it so much I used to miss classes to do hair.  When I completed my school, I thought about what to do because I did not want to stay at home whilst I had the skill and passion to do hair.  So, I started doing hair in my room, and that is where the business started.  Primarily, my room was my salon for the better part of last year.

What is the most fulfilling thing about your business?

Satisfaction from my clients.

What to expect?

We plan on releasing a second edition of the booklet featuring our clients and their hair.  We give this out to our clients for free, which makes it easier for them to request a hairstyle and also to just show them some appreciation.  Initially, we made the booklet for the launch however it was received so well so, the plan now is to release editions twice a year, in June and December.  It is a great tool for advertisement.

I aim to expand too, as Fluffy’s Artistry operates under Modern Pink Investment cc where I’ve also established a catering business called Fluffy’s Kitchen.  Another passion of mine that I would like to pursue is clothing design, so maybe expect a clothing line too.

What inspires the hairstyles?

Clients usually come in with requests.  In the case where a client does not have a specific style in mind, we usually let them specify if they want their hair long or shirt and from there depending on their hair texture, personality and face shape, I will suggest styles that might work.  Mostly, my client’s personalities inspires their look because I know my clients.  I always try to build a bond with them.


What has been most challenging in starting your business?


What advise will you give someone that wants to go in the same industry as you?

“Always believe in yourself and do your thing.  Own your passion.  When you believe in yourself, you will always win no matter the obstacles. Also, remember to always invest in yourself, in your business and in your clients.  I’ve wanted to quit a few times because business in its own is challenging, so my responsibilities to my family and business keeps me in check.

How can people contact you?

You can contact me on +264811497263 or modernpinkinvestmentcc@gmail.com


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