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Beauty Industry

Esh-Ham beauty Plaza by Ester Hamukoto.

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Opening up your own beauty supply store is a new and exciting adventure to embark on. You might have to set aside some time for serious organization and reflection, but it should be worthwhile in the end. Make sure to find a niche that you’re passionate about, create a thoughtful budget, and set your store up for success! Launch Namibia caught up with Ester Hamukoto who in April Launched Esh-ham Beauty Beauty Plaza, a beauty studio renowned for its excellent service.

To find out more on this entrepreneur kindly read below:

Tell us about yourself and your business?

I am a 29 year old entrepreneur and  in April 2018 I launched my exciting new business called Esh-Ham Beauty Plaza. We have both qualified barbers and hairstylists and one manicurist. Some would ask me, “Why a beauty Salon?” , well for those that know me, know that I love looking and feeling good so I decided to create an enabling environment that compliments how I like to feel. It is from there that  Esh-Ham Beauty Plaza, an upscale hair and beauty salon targeting both men and women of colour was born.

What are the challenges you face?

Like any other startup business one will face multiple challenges but how we overcome the challenges is what sets one apart.

What are the benefits of your business?

The business is still new, I am yet to reap the benefits (laugh).

How can people contact you for your services?

They can visit our salon in town Carl List Mall opposite the old air Namibia offices or contact our salon on 061 221171/0814247723 or email: beautyplaza@eshham.com 

Give your readers 4 tips on how to successfully launch their business?

  • Do your homework upfront.
  • Have a mentor from the same industry you want to venture into.
  • Have enough cash flow to sustain the business for the first 6 months if you have the financial means too, if not be very strategic and engage in a good marketing campaign which is low cost.
  • Your workforce should be customer centered.

Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?

Be yourself and do your homework before launching into a new business venture, work on your SWOT and have a qualified accountant or consultant to prepare a well detailed cash flow projections so that you do not end up in bad cash flow crisis.

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