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Thomas-Philosophié Shuuya, Co-founder of a local courier company known as EasiPost Couriers Namibia.

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Launch Magazine Namibia features Thomas-Philosophié Shuuya, Co-founder of a local courier company known as EasiPost Couriers Namibia.

Q: Give us a brief background about yourself. What does your business entail? What challenges did you face when starting up your business? What makes your business unique?

A: EasiPost Couriers was founded by three young and ambitious professionals from an engineering background, but with an outstanding hunger for entrepreneurship and improving the economic wellbeing of our fellow Namibians. It stemmed from a frustration of not being able to send out documents to Windhoek in a simple and quick manner at our convenience. We were tired of having to go through hell and high water to get someone to collect something from our hands to give it into the hand of whoever we want it to go to. We were also frustrated about the other courier services not being flexible enough to allow other payment methods besides accepting cash only, even though they knew one does not carry around bundles of cash in this day and age anymore. This all led to a threshold that just struck a lightbulb in our minds- to start our own courier company, that we will grow into a world beater. That was the birth of EasiPost Couriers.

A: The name of our business is EasiPost Couriers and we want to be the biggest courier and postal service provider in Africa- with our goal to be the UPS of Africa and provide thousands of jobs. Our business is simple: we collect packages (be it an envelope, loose documents, flowers, DVDs, books, large boxes, vehicle parts, furniture, computer equipment etc.) from one doorstep and deliver it to another. We do it for the cheapest price and we do it best. You simply make a call, we find you, collect your item and deliver it to its destination. We try to make the process of getting your item from point A to point B as seamless as possible. For a few extra dollars (Namibian), you can purchase your large item at a store, call us, and give us the destination you want it to go to. We will get there, pick it up, and have it at your doorstep on that same day or the next. We purchase books for people out of town and deliver it to their doorstep (and get the book price refunded there plus the delivery cost of course). If you need something, you can bet we will collect it and deliver it.

A: The main challenge we faced was obtaining the resources required to carry out our operations. Obtaining assets such as vehicles, office equipment and the books/documents required for the day to day running of the business. Obtaining capital to start a business can be very tough but one needs to be able to tighten their belts, avoid being too proud to beg for loans and have faith that God will create a way.

A: Our business is unique in numerous ways. We offer the “unconventional” payment method of using Ewallet, Blue Wallet or Easy Wallet to pay for a courier. We also allow clients to place orders/request for goods at stores, which we pay for upon collection and get refunded by the clients when we deliver it- for this we need an ID number and full name for security purposes. We offer book purchases through us which essentially occurs in the same way as described above- we emphasize this because we are avid readers but usually do not find many of the titles we desire in our beloved Swakopmund. We also offer significantly cheaper rates than our competitors. Way cheaper rates- while giving world class customer service. To get items delivered from a store, you don’t need to go through many callous hassles, you just call us and we collect and deliver it. This we created to make life easy for all those people who prefer to use public transport to minimize their carbon footprint or are simply saving up for something they find more valuable than owning a car.

A: If you have an idea that gets you excited, don’t dwell on the things that might go right or wrong or try to get it perfect before you start. JUST DO IT!- to quote Richard Branson, who is one of my biggest role models.


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