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Launch Magazines caught up with Jazeera Suwani from Kenya, whose Vegan chocolates are stirring up likes amongst those that are lactose intolerant. Jazeera is a physiotherapist by profession but decided to take a leap of faith and venture in good quality chocolate production

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Q’s: Tell us about yourself and what your company entails?
The Name of my business is, “Say it with chocolate”, which is a company that make specially crafted chocolates for those that are vegan or lactose intolerant.

Q’: What Inspired you to start your business?
Well I realized that there was a gap in the chocolate market. A lot of people love chocolate however people’s bodies react differently especially to diary products. The reason for this is because some are lactose intolerant or vegan which results in them refraining from chocolate due to stomach problems. I have experienced this first hand, I myself am lactose intolerant however I love my chocolate. So, I decided to craft special chocolates for those vegans and lactose intolerant people out there such as myself. I started making chocolates and the demand went through the roof, and that is how “Say it with chocolate” was born.

Q’s: How did you know it was going to work?
Well I didn’t, I didn’t know much about chocolate production, I didn’t even know if this was going to work or not. So, I decided to take a training course. I really just wanted to do something new, and something different. I decided to go all in, after the training course I decided to make 10g chocolate boxes and sold them at a farmer’s market, I did get a few orders even form corporates, which was exciting. I later started to create chocolate bars, firstly I started with 4 different types but today I make over 50 different chocolate bars. Nothing was really perfect at the time, however I kept at it. Yes, there were times I felt like giving up, but my family and those around me kept motivating me. Now my motivation comes from the satisfaction of my clients, just saying them smile while having some of my chocolates is the most satisfying feeling.

Q’s: words for motivation to those looking to start a business?

If you keep trying, then there is hope that it will work.