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So, you dream of starting your own trendy clothing line? To be successful, you’ll have to have the right story for the right market, have great designs, unique solution, manufacture the right quality at the right cost,  build a fanatical fan base and drive sales. Launch caught up with Don Speedy who is the founder of the famous Make/Made It In Life clothing brand, a brand named after his favorite motto. 

To find out more on this entrepreneur and his brand, read below: 

Tell us about yourself?

My full name is Gotlieb Simon Donald aka Don Speedy 31 year old Dr/Dentist by profession also the founder of the Made/Make it in life brand, born and raised in Windhoek.
What motivated you to start your own T-shirt business? 
What motivated me to start the brand is that I always wanted to make it in life or do something that will stand out. Make it in life has always been my motto in life and when I graduated from med school I decided to turn my favorite motto into a clothing brand just to celebrate my achievement and it turned out very well.
Is there opportunity in the industry your are in?
Yes there are opportunities, I see the local brand industry is growing and its growing fast, for long we have been wearing alot of western brands but now local brands have taken over, people are now wearing local brands everywhere you go in Namibia.
What Struggles have you faced? 
The only struggles I’m facing is with distribution across the world because I have a high demand abroad especially Namibians living abroad. I can’t meet their demands especially in Russia, China, Germany, SA & the UK. However, we working on something.
What makes your brand unique?
What makes my brand unique are three things.
1. Originality, I did not copy anyone’s idea, its my own creativity.
2. Quality. When it comes to quality we don’t compromise, we offer the best quality brand in Namibia.
3. Motivation, Our brand motivates and inspire people who wants to make it in life , a lot of people can relate with our brand.
How can people contact you?
People that want to contact us for our service can check us out on Social media
Facebook: Made it in life
Instagram: @Made_It_In_Life
Or simply call 0817822925 and we will deliver at your door steps.
Words of motivation for those looking to start a business?
For those who want to start a business go for it, there is always room for everyone. Follow your heart and go for it, if you don’t you wont make it in life.