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Bludrobe Music, founded by David Sezuni

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If you are an artist, musician or just someone that enjoys local music, then this feature is for you. David Sezuni is the founder of Bludrobe music, an online platform that sells the best of Namibian music by independent artists and record labels.  Artists can sell their music on bludrobe and for local music lovers, you can now download your favorite songs.

Read below to find out more about this entrepreneur:

Tell us about yourself and the business industry you are in?

I am David Sezuni, also known as Saintrill. I come from, what I would say humble family. I am fortunate to have had parents who sacrificed allot for me to have a better life. So I have always wished to use my advantage to make something better for others. I think this is why I approached my music career in this way, rather than focusing on creating music alone, I went a step further into distributing it ensuring quality is matched with online distribution.

The Online Industry is still in its infancy, but currently populated by Social Content; Social Image and Social Video, not much about Commercial Content. But, the internet is about providing the fastest delivery as possible; the easiest and convenient payment falls under this definition. Music is a Social Commodity, but a costly activity, which requires a faster selling point to cover the cost. Namibia should have had a Major retailer, if you look in the period, 2004-2010 when artists such as Gazza, The Dogg, Sunny Boy, Snazzy, Tequila created brands of their music, they should have had a retailer primarily driven to market and sell their music to the whole nation.

What motivated you to start your business?

The fact that there is no major distributor in the country was one of the first reasons I created Bludrobe. First of all, a Musician should have a management in terms of taking care of the Masters, the publishing house, who he outsources for the distribution of his music and collecting Sales Revenues. The fact that I had to have a team to do this for me as an artist, you can imagine almost all artists have to go through, some artists have to publish 100 CDs of which they could have sold 1000 copies online; but because the industry does not have the right tools to distribute Music in the country Music is not paid for as it should. For artists whose Music is sold on international outlets some of them only get paid after they hit a certain threshold, which normally can take years.

This is the birth of Bludrobe. With the idea to successfully market and sell digital content, Labels and Publishers are able to make quick sales. I launched Bludrobe Music Distribution as the first tool to deliver local music: Bludrobe started collecting Music from artists through a digital sales and downloads agreement and deliver their content to international outlets, this started in 2017. In the close of 2017 I thought I had to add another product for the local market; I now sell the same catalogue of music through a separate agreement with the artists on my online store, Bludrobe Music Store, which is locally banked ensuring sales for artists is locally paid and because I manage the store with no intermediaries, artists are guaranteed to receive sales above N$300 in no time.

Is there opportunity in the industry you are in?

 It is not a guarantee that every artist will win an awards, but every artist can make a sale. If artists go back to the drawing board, instead of Soundclouding too much, but work to create an audience that pays them for the music they make; and I believe Namibian consumers are willing to buy music, but they need a shift in approach to the music business. I can safely say that this current crop of Musicians will create the best of music content, and Bludrobe ‘s aim is to successfully market and generate revenues for them.

Bludrobe Music Store screenshot on a Mac and Android Phone

How can people contact you for your services?

Bludrobe is on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BludrobeMusic, www.facebook.com/Bludrobe

Email: info@bludrobemusic.com.na

Phone: +264816759441,

Website: www.bludrobemusic.com.na

Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?

People must read Vision2030 to know why starting a business is essential in Namibia; it’s not about the personal glamour. It’s about our future citizens competing in the global field.

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