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So, you dream of starting your own trendy clothing line? To be successful, you’ll have to have the right story for the right market, have great designs, unique solution, manufacture the right quality at the right cost,  build a fanatical fan base and drive sales. Launch caught up with Don Speedy who is the founder of the famous Make/Made It In Life clothing brand, a brand named after his favorite motto. 

To find out more on this entrepreneur and his brand, read below: 

Tell us about yourself?

My full name is Gotlieb Simon Donald aka Don Speedy 31 year old Dr/Dentist by profession also the founder of the Made/Make it in life brand, born and raised in Windhoek.
What motivated you to start your own T-shirt business? 
What motivated me to start the brand is that I always wanted to make it in life or do something that will stand out. Make it in life has always been my motto in life and when I graduated from med school I decided to turn my favorite motto into a clothing brand just to celebrate my achievement and it turned out very well.
Is there opportunity in the industry your are in?
Yes there are opportunities, I see the local brand industry is growing and its growing fast, for long we have been wearing alot of western brands but now local brands have taken over, people are now wearing local brands everywhere you go in Namibia.
What Struggles have you faced? 
The only struggles I’m facing is with distribution across the world because I have a high demand abroad especially Namibians living abroad. I can’t meet their demands especially in Russia, China, Germany, SA & the UK. However, we working on something.
What makes your brand unique?
What makes my brand unique are three things.
1. Originality, I did not copy anyone’s idea, its my own creativity.
2. Quality. When it comes to quality we don’t compromise, we offer the best quality brand in Namibia.
3. Motivation, Our brand motivates and inspire people who wants to make it in life , a lot of people can relate with our brand.
How can people contact you?
People that want to contact us for our service can check us out on Social media
Facebook: Made it in life
Instagram: @Made_It_In_Life
Or simply call 0817822925 and we will deliver at your door steps.
Words of motivation for those looking to start a business?
For those who want to start a business go for it, there is always room for everyone. Follow your heart and go for it, if you don’t you wont make it in life.

Starting your own business is no easy task, but the route to self-employment in accounting has been well mapped. Identify what type of accounting services you want to provide and draft a business plan. After forming your business,  Marketing will be critical to your success. Julius David did exactly that when he founded Windhoek Accounting and Taxation. 

To find out more read below: 

Tell us about yourself?

I am a registered public accountant & registered tax practitioner with deep-rooted passion for taxation. I hold other degrees in marketing, honors in Logistics plus other commerce diplomas, I am a law scholar and Chartered Management Accountant student.

What motivated you to start your business?

I have always been intrigued by taxation during university and I was very curious to learn how it works in practice.

Is there opportunity in the industry you are in?

It is a big industry full of opportunities except one needs to keep abreast with changing tax laws to stay competitive and to be in a position to deliver well-informed advisory services to clients.

Tell us about your struggles. What struggles have you faced?

As Windhoek Accounting & Taxation, like other SMEs it has always been a challenge to attract and retain talent but through capacity development and series of in-house training, we were able to scale up talent and knowledge in the company and that is what help us to stay ahead of competition.

How many people does your business employ?

Windhoek Accounting & Taxation is a subsidiary of Windhoek Commercial Group which employs over 30 full-time employees and roughly 11 casuals. As a company we pride ourselves in cultivating a culture of learning and self-development to uplift employees as individuals.

How can people contact you for your services?

Windhoek Accounting & Taxation

061 402520




Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?

As young entrepreneurs we should invest our time in things that matter, things that will improve our lives, people around us and the community as a whole.


Being a guardian or a parent is a very difficult task, it is even worse when your child is in school and you can not monitor their progress. Why should we wait for end semester results? Risto and Petrus came up with a solution to this called EduNamText. 

To find out more, read below: 

Tell us about yourself?

EDUNAMTEXT is an computer-based SMS Platform application designed specifically for the better involvement of the parents/guardians in the educational affairs of the learners/children throughout the entire year through text messaging on the mobile phones. The text messaging platform application will serve as the highway (of information) to deliver instant updates on school affairs, announcements and all relevant information that the schools (teachers and the Principal) need and want to convey to the parents/guardians through mobile text messages on a weekly basis. The text messages are reflected as “EDUNAMTEXT” as the sender of the text and that acts as assurance that it is verified and we are a trustworthy service provider.

What motivated you to start your business?

As the world is moving away from paper industry to digital/technology industry, the way primary & secondary schools communicate to parents is like this, they print out letter (costly for the school as printing cartridges & paper is used), the letter sometimes does not reach the parents, but with our new innovative EduNamText communication system, those information on the letter will now reach the parents instantly on their mobile phones. With this system it also informs parents about test/assignment results, attendance of the learner/parents meeting or any other very important school related announcement from the school. This service is at the cost of the parents, not the school (the schools gain no costs). N$ 50.00 per term per child to receive weekly messages. The schools also receive 5% back from the total subscription of the N$ 50.00.

And the fact that when we were growing up and started going to school, our parents were not that involved in our educational affairs, they would just buy us school uniforms and stationery that’s all and wait for the report card end of each term. They would not know whether we were struggling in a particular subject from the start of the term for them to make provision to find solutions by either summer schools or extra tutoring, nor would they track our attendance. Some of our friends would fail from first term to third term, and then their guardians would blame them at the end of each term when they fail. This new system, parents  will know what is going on in the educational affairs of their child to the core of everything.

Is there opportunity in the industry you are in?

Definitely, there is an opportunity, we are targeting the whole schools, both primary & secondary schools nationwide. This system is just like a tracking device transport companies have on their trucks, EduNamText system will help parents track every aspect of their child’s educational affairs and schools would want to use this system as it is an instant way of communicating to parents and the schools are charged nothing plus they receive 5% of the total subscription amount back.

Tell us about your struggles. What struggles have you faced?

Initial struggle was the capital. We needed money to outsource the online system from our UK technical IT team & money to advertise the new service. We were one of the companies who won ‘’THE SANLAM BUSINESS INNOVATION AWARDS’’ which receive a startup capital to pay the UK team and to pay for advertising and to lease out an office.

What makes your business unique?

The fact that we came up with a communication system that would instantly inform guardians on their mobile phones, this system just does not send out general information via sms, this send out information regarding each parents child education affairs such as the child’s test/assignment results, attendance of the learner plus any other important communication announcement from the schools. This system caters for any mobile phone, whether it is a smart phone or Tamagotchi. The school bears no cost, the parents does plus the schools receive 5% of the total subscription amount back.

How can people contact you for your services?

On our website www.edunamtext.com or  on our:

Facebook page: edunamtext

Twitter page: edunamtext


Emails: info@edunamtext.com/ risto@edunamtext.com/ petrus@edunamtext.com

Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?

Keep the work ethic consistent, believe in yourself, and lastly be an opportunist.

If you are an artist, musician or just someone that enjoys local music, then this feature is for you. David Sezuni is the founder of Bludrobe music, an online platform that sells the best of Namibian music by independent artists and record labels.  Artists can sell their music on bludrobe and for local music lovers, you can now download your favorite songs.

Read below to find out more about this entrepreneur:

Tell us about yourself and the business industry you are in?

I am David Sezuni, also known as Saintrill. I come from, what I would say humble family. I am fortunate to have had parents who sacrificed allot for me to have a better life. So I have always wished to use my advantage to make something better for others. I think this is why I approached my music career in this way, rather than focusing on creating music alone, I went a step further into distributing it ensuring quality is matched with online distribution.

The Online Industry is still in its infancy, but currently populated by Social Content; Social Image and Social Video, not much about Commercial Content. But, the internet is about providing the fastest delivery as possible; the easiest and convenient payment falls under this definition. Music is a Social Commodity, but a costly activity, which requires a faster selling point to cover the cost. Namibia should have had a Major retailer, if you look in the period, 2004-2010 when artists such as Gazza, The Dogg, Sunny Boy, Snazzy, Tequila created brands of their music, they should have had a retailer primarily driven to market and sell their music to the whole nation.

What motivated you to start your business?

The fact that there is no major distributor in the country was one of the first reasons I created Bludrobe. First of all, a Musician should have a management in terms of taking care of the Masters, the publishing house, who he outsources for the distribution of his music and collecting Sales Revenues. The fact that I had to have a team to do this for me as an artist, you can imagine almost all artists have to go through, some artists have to publish 100 CDs of which they could have sold 1000 copies online; but because the industry does not have the right tools to distribute Music in the country Music is not paid for as it should. For artists whose Music is sold on international outlets some of them only get paid after they hit a certain threshold, which normally can take years.

This is the birth of Bludrobe. With the idea to successfully market and sell digital content, Labels and Publishers are able to make quick sales. I launched Bludrobe Music Distribution as the first tool to deliver local music: Bludrobe started collecting Music from artists through a digital sales and downloads agreement and deliver their content to international outlets, this started in 2017. In the close of 2017 I thought I had to add another product for the local market; I now sell the same catalogue of music through a separate agreement with the artists on my online store, Bludrobe Music Store, which is locally banked ensuring sales for artists is locally paid and because I manage the store with no intermediaries, artists are guaranteed to receive sales above N$300 in no time.

Is there opportunity in the industry you are in?

 It is not a guarantee that every artist will win an awards, but every artist can make a sale. If artists go back to the drawing board, instead of Soundclouding too much, but work to create an audience that pays them for the music they make; and I believe Namibian consumers are willing to buy music, but they need a shift in approach to the music business. I can safely say that this current crop of Musicians will create the best of music content, and Bludrobe ‘s aim is to successfully market and generate revenues for them.

Bludrobe Music Store screenshot on a Mac and Android Phone

How can people contact you for your services?

Bludrobe is on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BludrobeMusic, www.facebook.com/Bludrobe

Email: info@bludrobemusic.com.na

Phone: +264816759441,

Website: www.bludrobemusic.com.na

Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?

People must read Vision2030 to know why starting a business is essential in Namibia; it’s not about the personal glamour. It’s about our future citizens competing in the global field.

Opening a beauty salon in the Namibia is a challenging prospect. But if you have the necessary beauty expertise, people skills and business acumen, you have a great chance of achieving success in this thriving industry. We caught up with Natalia Schmidt, owner of Haven Beauty & Spa studio to share with us a little on herself and what keeps her going. 

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Natalia Schmidt, I am 34 years old, a proud wife and a mother of 3 and currently enrolled in a beauty management course. Started school at Namutoni Primary School and completed my High School at Ella du Plessis. Lived in London for 7 years where I completed my Advanced Diploma in Business Administration.

What motivated you to start your business?

Growing up with an interest in hair and beauty and a strong desire to become an entrepreneur,  I identified a gap in the beauty needs industry for a place that is convenient and yet affordable, for all beauty needs and services. And that’s what entrepreneurship is all about, identifying a gap in the market and capitalizing on that opportunity, hence birth of HAVEN.

Is there opportunity in the industry you are in?

Yes, most definitely. Beauty care is expanding at an incredible rate with new technologies emerging every year. Everything from shampoos that make hair less likely to break, to facial techniques that improve ones  overall look ,these are just some examples of how advancements in beauty care industry will keep the industry growing at a steady pace.

Tell us about your struggles. What struggles have you faced?

It was very difficult to find a convenient location for my business. The location of your business is important, the CBD (Central business district area is the best location, and that is why Haven beauty Spa & Studio is located. I also struggled in Finding the right skilled team.

What makes your spa unique?

It is the professional relationship we have with each and every one our clients, enabling them to be completely relaxed and confident they will get the best service every visit, as well as being totally thrilled with the experience, and most importantly, the results.

How many people does your business employ?

Currently we employ 7 staff members.

How can people contact you for your services?

We are reachable on 0811624990/0811424990. You can also find us on facebook- haven beauty & spa studio,  Instagram- @havenbeautyspastudio and twitter- @havenbeautyspa1. Email address is havenbeautyspastudio@gmail.com

Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?

If you can dream it, you can do it just don’t forget to include a prayer  in your business plan.

Imagine turning your cultivation field in the village into a brand that you will be proud of. This is what Eunice Nghifikwa did when she started Iyaloo Omahangu, with the help of her mother. We caught up with Eunice so she tells us what motivated her into starting her business.


Tell us about yourself?


I’m Eunice Nghifikwa. I’m 28 years old. I grew up in Ongwediva, in the Northern part of Namibia. I was raised by a single mother. Her hard work really installed a strong work ethic in myself. I am highly motivated and have a strong hunger for more, more opportunities, more growth and more self-belief that i can set my mind to anything and work hard to achieve it.



What motivated you to start your business?


Growing up in the north, I have always loved omahangu porridge and moving to Windhoek it was a struggle to find very good omahangu flour in the local super markets and I would always hear the same complains from friends. My mother and I were one day having a talk about this and that was when we thought of starting milling our own mahangu and start selling it. that was how we started Iyaloo Omahangu. 

Is there opportunity in the industry you are in?


Omahangu is a high-energy, nutritious food, it is mostly consumed by the people in the Northern regions, including Zambezi and the two Kavango regions but there are opportunities to target the wider Namibian market comprising of different ethnic groups. It can be consumed in different ways i.e mahangu cakes/bread, porridge for breakfast, cookies and porridge which is a staple in Namibia. So the market is really big.


A lot of Namibians sit with Mahangu fields but do not capitalize on them, what is your take on that?


Most people grow Mahangu to feed their families, saving for rainy days or they are in areas where everyone else has a field of their own and therefore do not see any market. But it is not everyone that consume omahanguhave a field and most are based in towns and cities. These people can sell their mahangu to locals that can notproduce their own and also there is an opportunity for government to buy unprocessed mahangu from local producers seating with mahangu at home, which can then be processed in to a finished product that can be used in government schools, hospitals and prisons, at the same time financially emancipating our local producers.


Tell us about your struggles. What struggles have you faced?


My biggest struggle is spreading brand awareness. I want to grow Iyaloo Omahangu in to a household name, I want it available on the shelves of every local supermarket but its not always easy trying to convince the supermarkets to put it on their shelves, mostly because they are always scared to sell a new product in case there is no market for it. So the rejection is always hard to take.


How much do your bags sell for?


Currently we only package 5kg and 10kg bags. 5kg is N$70 and 10kg is N$140, Giving discount to supermarkets and anyone buying in bulk. We are currently busy working on making it available in small packages.


How many people does your business employ


We have 5 employees.


How can people contact you for your services?


they can contact us on 0812365743 or email iyaloomahangu@gmail.com and also on our Iyaloo Omahangu Facebook and Instagram pages.


Words on motivation for those looking to start a business?


Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear.Our country is full of opportunities. Whatever great idea you have, just start. Do not be afraid to fail, you learn along the way and even after you fail, do not give up. You gain strength, courage and confidence with every experience. 

Lee-Ann Melani is the founder of Tutoring For All Nambia. We caught up with this entrepreneur to find out what her reason was for starting a business and also where her passion for helping others improve came from. 

Read below to find out more: 

Tell us about yourself and the business industry you are in?

My name is Lee-Ann Melani, founder of Tutoring For All Nambia – a service aimed at improving the literacy of fellow Namibians.  I have about seven years’ experience in the field of primary school education. My expertise covers English Language study as well as Sciences.

I am currently a tutor focusing on improving road safety literacy across our nation, by offering Learner’s Licence Tutoring. These classes are centered around providing people with the knowledge and understanding to pass their learner’s license test at Natis.

The classes are for a week long.

Monday – Thursday

10h00-12h00 or 18h00-20h00

N$ 400.00

(Does not include Learner’s Manual)

NBC recently released figures stating that Namibia has the highest road deaths and injuries in Africa. We need to re-address the attitudes we have concerning road safety and the way we follow the road rules. As a nation we need to shun illegal and negligent road use. With the video circulating of Ms. Tulonga who saved the baby, there is a glimmer of hope of improved road safety and road use.

What motivated you to start your business?

I was attending a business planning workshop, provided by the Business Perspectives platform, where entrepreneurs in Walvis Bay come together to provide support to SMEs. During one of the sessions, the speaker Mr. JP Huish was sharing, that when you start a business it should be to provide a solution to a problem in your community. This statement impacted me to the extent that I realised that I could be the solution to people continuously failing their learner’s license test.

In the long run, my aim is to assist my local community in improving the literacy level of fellow citizens helping them receive the basic human right of education irrespective of their age or social class.

Is there opportunity in the industry you are in?

I believe that Education is the pillar that any nation should be built upon. Education is not only limited to a formal school setup but is all around us. Education, in all areas of life, can provide Namibians with opportunities they need to empower themselves.

How many people does your business employ?

Currently, the business employs myself and two other tutors, who I outsource for Namcol tutoring (English, Business Studies and Development Studies) and learner’s license classes. 

How can people contact you for your services?

They can follow me on Facebook, by liking my page Tutoring For All Namibia or they can contact me on my cellphone +264 81 644 8434. They can also visit my office at 141, Sam Nujoma Avenue, WalvisBay.

Words of motivation for those looking to start a business?

Do nothing without purpose. He who is greatest is servant of all.


This week we caught up with Slade Griffith, a young entrepreneur who is trying to reduce the stress of having to get up to go buy groceries. His e-commerce platform milkmannam.com allows you to buy your groceries online.

 To find out more about him and is idea, read below:

 Who is Slade Griffith?

Hi My Name is Slade Griffith 25-year-old male, born in South Africa and raised in Windhoek Namibia. I finished school in 2011 and started working at my uncle’s(mentor) business. I was exposed to the business industry at a very young age. When I started working I did not have a specific job title or position and I had to do anything that was given to me as a task to fulfill. I could not further my studies because I was an average learner and had no choice but to start working. Over the years I worked my way up as a reliable hard-working employee and earned a good salary to provide for a good standard of living. But I was never fulfilled and wanted more than just to be an employee, I wanted to start my own business.

Where did the idea of “Milkman” come from?

The idea of Milkman came when I saw it as a need to provide convenience by delivering products door to door. Milkman was established in 2017 as an E-commerce business to supply and deliver groceries. At that time, I decided to quit my job and follow my dreams. In the beginning it was very difficult because I had to convince lots of people and no one really thought it would work and it did not make sense in a financial way. But I did not give up and continued to do my research and working on Milkman.

How it works?

Select products that you desire by either;

  • searching for the specific product in our search box at the top of the home page, on other pages it will be on the top right corner of the screen, or in the top left corner of the screen in the drop-down list if you are using your mobile
  • or, browsing through each department in our shop by departments page.
  1. Click on the desired product and add the chosen item to your shopping cart at the “Add to cart” tab.
  2. When you have completed your shopping, go to the cart which is located in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. If you are happy with what you ordered proceed to click “Checkout”.
  4. At the checkout page complete the form that requires all your details e.g. Name, Surname, delivery address, phone number, email address etc.
  5. Now proceed to our safe & secure online payment service (work with Debit, credit and new chip cards). You will then be directed to the Virtual Card Solutions page (VCS) which is our payment service provider. (Please note, milkmannam.com does not see or keep any of your bank card details, this is stored safely by your bank and VCS, who have been approved by the Bank of Namibia)
  6. After payment has been processed, you will get an option to return to the shop, or you can log out.
  7. You will then receive and email with your receipt and a notification that we have received your order.
  8. VCS will then send you an approval notification via email, notifying you that your payment Authorization has been approved by your bank. Delivery will then start.
  9. When order has been fulfilled, you will receive an email that the package is on the way.

If there are any problems with your order like; 

  • Product flavour could not be found
  • Product or brand not in stock at any of our stores
  • The size of product chosen entered is not available etc.

Our shopper will contact you to get direction as to what should be done e.g:

  • Choose another flavour
  • Choose another product or brand, or get a refund for the item, (Refund will be done immediately).
  • Choose another size

Delivery time: 

  • Orders of N$2500.00 and above will take up to 3 hours.
  • Order below N$2500.00 could take up to 2 hours or less.

Our shopper will communicate with you if there are any delays with your order.

Delivery fees outside of Windhoek:

Deliveries to estates such as Elisenheim, Finkenstein and Omeya will incur a delivery fee of N$80.00 payable only when the delivery is made.

How can people contact you?

Visit our website on milkmannam.com or you can find all our Milkman Delivery services on social media platforms.

Words of encouragement?

No matter how big or small your business idea is, always follow your dreams and believe in yourself, because laughable ideas are sometimes the best ideas.

This week we caught up with Kake Kashe, an entrepreneur with a eye for property renovation. His love for well designed spaces lead him into the industry that he is in currently. 

To find out more on him, read below:

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started? 

My name is Kake Kashe born and breed in the busy streets of Windhoek.  I graduated from Unam with a double Major in Industrial Psychology and Political science. I’m currently pursuing my masters In International Relations and diplomacy. After graduating it was really difficult to find work and I have always had a fan fare with business.  I ended up getting my first project from an aunt when I told her I want to do renovations, the tiler I got told me that he knew people who need their houses done and he know’s people with all the right skills and the rest was history as people say.

I’m a liker of everything nice, I love aesthetically pleasing  spaces. They lighten up one’s mood.  I honestly enjoy the process of changing an area the client sees as unpleasant to something the client loves and is satisfied with. Bringing your vision to life and have the client be happy with it is an amazing feeling. My interest in renovation originated from my own personal desire to always be in a nice and well-designed space. So, it got me thinking that maybe there are people out there who want to switch up their current space but don’t want to spend too much money on renovations but still have it look 10 times better than it did before.

What challenges did you face when starting?

In all honesty, finding clients was difficult. The start is always challenging because you’re still building up your portfolio, learning the do’s and don’ts, and charging your clients a reasonable price. Staying within the budget and getting quotations that are within the price range was also something new to learn. I needed to stay focused and not pick price over quality, when looking for material I always needed to keep longevity in mind.

What do you think is needed here in Namibia to drive entrepreneurs?

I personally feel that mentorship plays a vital role when it comes to entrepreneurship. People who are successful need to take time to mentor the younger generation and guide them in the right direction so they do not have to repeat the same mistakes the mentor did. We need to learn to build each other up, because teaching someone the ways of the industry will not degrade you or take away from your success. And finally, people need to step out of their comfort zone and just go for their dreams, its not going to be easy but it will definitely be worth it, nothing in life that’s worth having comes easy. The youth need to believe and empower each other more and definitely use social media to your advantage. We all should play our parts and leave this world a little better than what we found it.

What are the future aspirations for your business?

I would love to grow the company into a formidable business that can hire alot of graduates who are sitting at home without jobs. Kake’s Renovations needs to be echoed in the 3 corners of this country.  Ideally I would love to go in the manufacturing industry of building material of which we import so much.

How can people contact you?
On my #0811405126 WhatsApp 0813041303 or via email tkashe@gmail.com

Words of motivation?

The start is always the difficult part and never expect to be successful in your first year. That’s the year where you put in the most work building good client relationships,putting your company out there and getting to know the industry. Patience is key.

This week we are looking at Effective Media Group owned by two young entrepreneurs David and Frans. These two are pushing boundaries with their media company. It is only a matter of time before they make a permanent mark on the African continent and the rest of the world.

Tell us about your business? (Your services)

Effective Media Group is a marketing agency that focuses on outdoor branding, brand activation, concept development and online marketing. A clear list is indicated below:

  • Outdoor Trailer Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Relations Services
  • Web Development
  • Concept Development
  • Marketing Plan
  • Brand activation
  • Printing and Design
  • Email Hosting

How much has your business grown since its inception?

We keep growing at very promising pace, if we continue growing at the same pace which we are very positive about we will push boundaries and make a mark in the media industry.

 What challenges do you face in the media industry?

One of the biggest challenges that we face right now is how fast everything is changing with the way that technology is shaping our media industry.

The challenge is convincing traditional prospects on methods to keep up with the changes in media and marketing trends but we are blessed with a team of young graduates with a good track-record of experience and they know their way around challenges presented by technology.

What makes your business unique?

We have a culture of benevolent service delivery, which is imprinted in the minds of every Effective personnel, our clients and prospects matter to us.

All our efforts are aimed at improving the marketing and brand of our clienteles. Our uniqueness is found in the culture of our company, from the enhanced rapport we share with our existing and prospect clients.

 How can people contact Effective-Media Group?

They can reach us through any of our social media pages;

Instagram: Effective Media Group

Twitter: Effective Media Group

Facebook: Effective Media Group

LinkedIn: Effective Media Group

Website: www.effective-mediagroup.com

Or call us directly at  061 40 25 20 / 081 166 45 84

Words of motivation to those looking to start a business?

 Just start.