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Lee-Ann Melani is the founder of Tutoring For All Nambia. We caught up with this entrepreneur to find out what her reason was for starting a business and also where her passion for helping others improve came from. 

Read below to find out more: 

Tell us about yourself and the business industry you are in?

My name is Lee-Ann Melani, founder of Tutoring For All Nambia – a service aimed at improving the literacy of fellow Namibians.  I have about seven years’ experience in the field of primary school education. My expertise covers English Language study as well as Sciences.

I am currently a tutor focusing on improving road safety literacy across our nation, by offering Learner’s Licence Tutoring. These classes are centered around providing people with the knowledge and understanding to pass their learner’s license test at Natis.

The classes are for a week long.

Monday – Thursday

10h00-12h00 or 18h00-20h00

N$ 400.00

(Does not include Learner’s Manual)

NBC recently released figures stating that Namibia has the highest road deaths and injuries in Africa. We need to re-address the attitudes we have concerning road safety and the way we follow the road rules. As a nation we need to shun illegal and negligent road use. With the video circulating of Ms. Tulonga who saved the baby, there is a glimmer of hope of improved road safety and road use.

What motivated you to start your business?

I was attending a business planning workshop, provided by the Business Perspectives platform, where entrepreneurs in Walvis Bay come together to provide support to SMEs. During one of the sessions, the speaker Mr. JP Huish was sharing, that when you start a business it should be to provide a solution to a problem in your community. This statement impacted me to the extent that I realised that I could be the solution to people continuously failing their learner’s license test.

In the long run, my aim is to assist my local community in improving the literacy level of fellow citizens helping them receive the basic human right of education irrespective of their age or social class.

Is there opportunity in the industry you are in?

I believe that Education is the pillar that any nation should be built upon. Education is not only limited to a formal school setup but is all around us. Education, in all areas of life, can provide Namibians with opportunities they need to empower themselves.

How many people does your business employ?

Currently, the business employs myself and two other tutors, who I outsource for Namcol tutoring (English, Business Studies and Development Studies) and learner’s license classes. 

How can people contact you for your services?

They can follow me on Facebook, by liking my page Tutoring For All Namibia or they can contact me on my cellphone +264 81 644 8434. They can also visit my office at 141, Sam Nujoma Avenue, WalvisBay.

Words of motivation for those looking to start a business?

Do nothing without purpose. He who is greatest is servant of all.


This week we caught up with Slade Griffith, a young entrepreneur who is trying to reduce the stress of having to get up to go buy groceries. His e-commerce platform milkmannam.com allows you to buy your groceries online.

 To find out more about him and is idea, read below:

 Who is Slade Griffith?

Hi My Name is Slade Griffith 25-year-old male, born in South Africa and raised in Windhoek Namibia. I finished school in 2011 and started working at my uncle’s(mentor) business. I was exposed to the business industry at a very young age. When I started working I did not have a specific job title or position and I had to do anything that was given to me as a task to fulfill. I could not further my studies because I was an average learner and had no choice but to start working. Over the years I worked my way up as a reliable hard-working employee and earned a good salary to provide for a good standard of living. But I was never fulfilled and wanted more than just to be an employee, I wanted to start my own business.

Where did the idea of “Milkman” come from?

The idea of Milkman came when I saw it as a need to provide convenience by delivering products door to door. Milkman was established in 2017 as an E-commerce business to supply and deliver groceries. At that time, I decided to quit my job and follow my dreams. In the beginning it was very difficult because I had to convince lots of people and no one really thought it would work and it did not make sense in a financial way. But I did not give up and continued to do my research and working on Milkman.

How it works?

Select products that you desire by either;

  • searching for the specific product in our search box at the top of the home page, on other pages it will be on the top right corner of the screen, or in the top left corner of the screen in the drop-down list if you are using your mobile
  • or, browsing through each department in our shop by departments page.
  1. Click on the desired product and add the chosen item to your shopping cart at the “Add to cart” tab.
  2. When you have completed your shopping, go to the cart which is located in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. If you are happy with what you ordered proceed to click “Checkout”.
  4. At the checkout page complete the form that requires all your details e.g. Name, Surname, delivery address, phone number, email address etc.
  5. Now proceed to our safe & secure online payment service (work with Debit, credit and new chip cards). You will then be directed to the Virtual Card Solutions page (VCS) which is our payment service provider. (Please note, milkmannam.com does not see or keep any of your bank card details, this is stored safely by your bank and VCS, who have been approved by the Bank of Namibia)
  6. After payment has been processed, you will get an option to return to the shop, or you can log out.
  7. You will then receive and email with your receipt and a notification that we have received your order.
  8. VCS will then send you an approval notification via email, notifying you that your payment Authorization has been approved by your bank. Delivery will then start.
  9. When order has been fulfilled, you will receive an email that the package is on the way.

If there are any problems with your order like; 

  • Product flavour could not be found
  • Product or brand not in stock at any of our stores
  • The size of product chosen entered is not available etc.

Our shopper will contact you to get direction as to what should be done e.g:

  • Choose another flavour
  • Choose another product or brand, or get a refund for the item, (Refund will be done immediately).
  • Choose another size

Delivery time: 

  • Orders of N$2500.00 and above will take up to 3 hours.
  • Order below N$2500.00 could take up to 2 hours or less.

Our shopper will communicate with you if there are any delays with your order.

Delivery fees outside of Windhoek:

Deliveries to estates such as Elisenheim, Finkenstein and Omeya will incur a delivery fee of N$80.00 payable only when the delivery is made.

How can people contact you?

Visit our website on milkmannam.com or you can find all our Milkman Delivery services on social media platforms.

Words of encouragement?

No matter how big or small your business idea is, always follow your dreams and believe in yourself, because laughable ideas are sometimes the best ideas.

This week we caught up with Kake Kashe, an entrepreneur with a eye for property renovation. His love for well designed spaces lead him into the industry that he is in currently. 

To find out more on him, read below:

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started? 

My name is Kake Kashe born and breed in the busy streets of Windhoek.  I graduated from Unam with a double Major in Industrial Psychology and Political science. I’m currently pursuing my masters In International Relations and diplomacy. After graduating it was really difficult to find work and I have always had a fan fare with business.  I ended up getting my first project from an aunt when I told her I want to do renovations, the tiler I got told me that he knew people who need their houses done and he know’s people with all the right skills and the rest was history as people say.

I’m a liker of everything nice, I love aesthetically pleasing  spaces. They lighten up one’s mood.  I honestly enjoy the process of changing an area the client sees as unpleasant to something the client loves and is satisfied with. Bringing your vision to life and have the client be happy with it is an amazing feeling. My interest in renovation originated from my own personal desire to always be in a nice and well-designed space. So, it got me thinking that maybe there are people out there who want to switch up their current space but don’t want to spend too much money on renovations but still have it look 10 times better than it did before.

What challenges did you face when starting?

In all honesty, finding clients was difficult. The start is always challenging because you’re still building up your portfolio, learning the do’s and don’ts, and charging your clients a reasonable price. Staying within the budget and getting quotations that are within the price range was also something new to learn. I needed to stay focused and not pick price over quality, when looking for material I always needed to keep longevity in mind.

What do you think is needed here in Namibia to drive entrepreneurs?

I personally feel that mentorship plays a vital role when it comes to entrepreneurship. People who are successful need to take time to mentor the younger generation and guide them in the right direction so they do not have to repeat the same mistakes the mentor did. We need to learn to build each other up, because teaching someone the ways of the industry will not degrade you or take away from your success. And finally, people need to step out of their comfort zone and just go for their dreams, its not going to be easy but it will definitely be worth it, nothing in life that’s worth having comes easy. The youth need to believe and empower each other more and definitely use social media to your advantage. We all should play our parts and leave this world a little better than what we found it.

What are the future aspirations for your business?

I would love to grow the company into a formidable business that can hire alot of graduates who are sitting at home without jobs. Kake’s Renovations needs to be echoed in the 3 corners of this country.  Ideally I would love to go in the manufacturing industry of building material of which we import so much.

How can people contact you?
On my #0811405126 WhatsApp 0813041303 or via email tkashe@gmail.com

Words of motivation?

The start is always the difficult part and never expect to be successful in your first year. That’s the year where you put in the most work building good client relationships,putting your company out there and getting to know the industry. Patience is key.

This week we are looking at Effective Media Group owned by two young entrepreneurs David and Frans. These two are pushing boundaries with their media company. It is only a matter of time before they make a permanent mark on the African continent and the rest of the world.

Tell us about your business? (Your services)

Effective Media Group is a marketing agency that focuses on outdoor branding, brand activation, concept development and online marketing. A clear list is indicated below:

  • Outdoor Trailer Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Relations Services
  • Web Development
  • Concept Development
  • Marketing Plan
  • Brand activation
  • Printing and Design
  • Email Hosting

How much has your business grown since its inception?

We keep growing at very promising pace, if we continue growing at the same pace which we are very positive about we will push boundaries and make a mark in the media industry.

 What challenges do you face in the media industry?

One of the biggest challenges that we face right now is how fast everything is changing with the way that technology is shaping our media industry.

The challenge is convincing traditional prospects on methods to keep up with the changes in media and marketing trends but we are blessed with a team of young graduates with a good track-record of experience and they know their way around challenges presented by technology.

What makes your business unique?

We have a culture of benevolent service delivery, which is imprinted in the minds of every Effective personnel, our clients and prospects matter to us.

All our efforts are aimed at improving the marketing and brand of our clienteles. Our uniqueness is found in the culture of our company, from the enhanced rapport we share with our existing and prospect clients.

 How can people contact Effective-Media Group?

They can reach us through any of our social media pages;

Instagram: Effective Media Group

Twitter: Effective Media Group

Facebook: Effective Media Group

LinkedIn: Effective Media Group

Website: www.effective-mediagroup.com

Or call us directly at  061 40 25 20 / 081 166 45 84

Words of motivation to those looking to start a business?

 Just start.


Want to know how to protect your idea? Launch caught up with Seno Niilonga Namwandi and she gave us a few pointers.

In a world where copying and imitation are the lifeblood of competition, it is not difficult to see why it is important to claim ownership to an idea. Claiming ownership to a tangible expression of an idea is done not only for protection basis but an additional motivation is the value added to the idea. Protecting an idea is an investment of resources depending on how it is later utilized i.e. if a trademark (protection over the use of a particular name or symbol to differentiate a business) is licensed to other companies, the licensing acts as an additional revenue stream for the owners. Ideas are protected under Intellectual Property (IP), which is loosely defined as the legal rights granted to works resulting from intellectual or creative activity. IP rights are essentially part of the legal system and grant a variety of rights over creative, musical, technological, traditional knowledge works.

Namibia is party to several of the international treaties and has a conducive legal framework to ensure IP protection. The main act establishing the authorizing body the Business Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA) that deals with the promotion, registration and administration of IP rights is the BIPA Act of 2016. The accompanying legislation is the Industrial Property Act of 2012 and the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act of 1994. These legislation pieces govern the registration of the various types of IP.

Depending on what type of IP one has, application and/or registration is done at BIPA’s offices and is subject to different assessments before granting.

Due it’s wide reaching effect, IP is divided into two sections for ease of management; industrial property rights which incorporates patents, trademarks, industrial design, geographical indication and the new forms of IP- traditional knowledge and expressions of folklore. The second section is Copyright and its related rights pertaining to performers’ rights, broadcasting etc.
Broadly, patents are defined as a monopolistic right granted to an individual or body corporate to make, use, sell and import an invention or innovation. This right is granted for duration of 20 years provided that the invention or innovation satisfies the criteria of novelty, industrial applicability and inventive step. Trademarks protect the name, logo, slogan or any identifying mark to a business, product or service. This name is protected for a duration of 7 (10) years depending on the jurisdiction provided it satisfies the conditions of originality, distinctiveness and appropriateness (it may not be obscene). Trademarks can be renewed perpetually. Industrial design is used to protect the aesthetic appeal of a product; one can protect the appearance and look of a product for duration of 10 years with the option of renewal if it satisfies the condition of originality. Geographical indication protects the produce that is grown or produced in a certain location. The produce is said to be unique due to the qualities natural to the particular location. Duration is perpetually renewable.

Copyright is more involving as it involves the rights for writers, musicians, painters, photographers, performers and the general artist community over their creations which are called works. Copyright and related rights govern the rights of creators, performers and broadcasters. The works that are eligible for copyright protection are but not limited to novels, songs, compositions, films, plays etc. Copyright is the longest lasting type of IP; it lasts for the lifetime of the author plus minimum of 50 years after death and is granted on the basis of originality. The above-mentioned IP is applicable in the Namibian environment and it is encouraged that if one has a work that falls under such a jurisdiction that it should be protected.

The truth is that the amount of new businesses that fail exceed the number that succeed. That’s why it’s more important than ever to create a unique product or service that helps you stand out from the rest. 

Here are some reasons why small business fail. You should remember that there are so many ways to fail, but there are just as many ways to succeed.

1. No market for your products or services
2. Are outcompeted
3. Poor financial management
4. Ignoring the customers or failing to listen to them
5. Lack training and education
6. Failure to market online
7. Failure to adapt when the market changes
8. Poor choice of business location and business choice
9. Lack Capital or Financial assistance
10. Poor business model/business plan

If you are a small business, look at how you can tackle these problems. We encourage you to attend necessary training and education on how to draft documents such as a business proposal or take a course on financial literacy. It might just help you save your business.

By Launch Namibia

We caught up with Mr. Kennedy Liswani, a young Namibian entrepreneur who owns Katoshe D30, a cellphone brand that has Namibian local languages.  

Tell us about Elephonic mobile?

Elephonic mobile is mobile phone manufacturing & mobile technology company, we are
currently operating in Namibia & South Africa. Our company was founded in 2017 and I’m the
founder and CEO of the company. Elephonic was founded & formed with one objective and that
is to solve the problem of accessible mobile communicating services by providing high quality
mobile devices & technologies to Namibians and African people at large and these devices must
be designed and engineer to suit our local people on all levels.

What inspired you to start your own mobile brand?

It all stated about 3 years ago when I purchased a very expensive smartphone brand that I lost
within a week and replaced it with a cheaper android phone that cost me 1 quarter of the price
I paid for the first phone, it then struck me one night that I did not feel any different apart from
literally flushing down N$ 15,000 and to add insult to injury I discovered that it only cost this
specific brand N$ 2500 to manufacture this phone which meant the margins they were making
from smartphone sales were exuberantly astronomical but I ignored it and continued living my
life and giving my money to western smartphone brands. Fast forward a year or 2 later the
world inevitably began talking about the current state of technology and the 4th industrial
revolution, every other political dialogues was centered around technological transformation
and Africa as a case study was constantly referenced. After a few months of doing research on
mobile phone manufacturing, the process and especially how our brand could add value and
position itself as leader in innovation in order to avail mobile communicating access to
marginalized Namibians & Africans at large, it all made sense and we decided to just do it and
learn along the way and along the way we found out things like the need for local languages in
mobile phones and immediately contacted translators to translate our menu strings into some
our local languages and as the saying goes the rest is history.

Who are the target audience for your brand?

Our target audience is quite broad in the sense that our products cater for different segments
from youthful consumers who need the latest slick & slim design mobile phone with a high
quality camera for selfies & social media to business users who require a business mobile
device with on the go functionality and most importantly the general consumer from young to
old who just need a quality product with basic calling & SMS functionally with a battery life that
can last a whole whole week under moderate use hence our KATOSHE D30, which can actually
last as long as 30 DAYS on standby if switched on and unused and we strongly believe that
KATOSHE D30 is a very important mobile phone for our market because it appeals to all
consumers from all walks of life and the fact that it can be operated in local languages I strongly
believe it deserves to be called a NATIONAL TRAESURE because it solves a critical language
barrier problem, and every Namibian citizen should own one for the sake of patriotism and of
course it’s LONG BATTERY LIFE and it has WhatsApp too WHATSAPP too.

Where can people purchase them and for how much?

Our phones are currently available for pre-order from our website www.elephonicmobile.com
were we have a special “edition 1” that comes in an exclusive tusk white colour and only 1000
of this “edition 1” will be sold across the whole country. Apart from our website the phones will
be available in various cellphone shops and independent resellers across the country.
The official price is N$350 per phone.
For more information clients can direct all sale queries to our Tel: 085 668 9837 or

What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

We faced quite a number of challenges that we managed to over come but the biggest 2
biggest challenges was funding the project out of my own pockets without any loans or help
from anyone and also acquiring required documentation & CE test reports in order to obtain
the telecommunications type approval certificate from the Communication Regulatory
Authority Of Namibia (CRAN), but once we provided them with all the required documentation
and item they requested, they were very efficient & professional and our certification was
issued in record time. We are however still waiting for ICASA certification for our South African
Authority but we should have that matter sorted in the next month or so. I do however believe
the biggest challenges and responsibilities are still ahead.

What can we expect from elephonic mobile in the future?
We plan expand our business and have representation of our brand in all African countries
hence company mantra “CONNECTING AFRICA”, as a matter of fact the company is currently
also registered in South Africa and he already have the south African version of the KATOSHE
D30 ready for the shelves in SA once we have all the papers in place.
Later this year we are introducing our Elephonic 4G pocket WIFI & Smartphone as well, we are
also in the process of obtaining a class (ECS) licence in order to provide our clients services such
as internet, VPN etc.

Words of motivation to those looking to start a business?

My advice is Before anyone any aspiring entrepreneur starts a business I advice them to ask
themselves the following 6 questions.
1. Does the idea solve a problem?
2. Is the idea profitably scalable?
3. How can it be monetized?
4. Are you passionate about it?
5. Are there any regulatory requirements (i.e. permits and other documents needed to
6. Is the timing right?

If all the above answers are YES then it time to START don’t wait for the right time to start, most
aspiring entrepreneurs spend a lot of time with business plans and excessive planning trying to
perfect their idea or business model but the unfortunate truth is one will never get the right
answers and perfect a business concept with out trying and failing. The fear of failure is the
number one reason why most entrepreneurs never get started, if you want to start up a
business and you really believe in your idea get rid of all your safety nets even if it means you
need to quit your job, loose your salary and downgrade your comfortable lifestyle, just do it,
some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs have soared from desperation and desperation can
serve as a positive source of motivation as long as you don’t do anything illegal. Another
important piece of advice is READ, READ, READ as many books as possible, I can never
empathize the importance of reading and learning for entrepreneurs be it from audio books,
traditional books, newspaper e.t.c just read and learn as much as possible, the ability to learn
constantly is one trait successful entrepreneurs have in common. In the world of business,
change is constant and with change comes either business Success or failure. For you to survive
in a world of constant change, you must constantly update your knowledge base and one of the
best ways to do this is by reading, as the saying goes “the more you learn the more you earn”.


Do you enjoy vegan food? Launch Magazine caught up with team Earthly Pleasures as they share with us the reason why they decided to venture on their vegan journey. 
Tell us about you and what motivated you to start a business?
About 5-6 years ago we (co-founders Jolene and JP) decided to embark on our Vegan journey. One thing many people don’t realise is that we as vegans, well most of us, love the way meat and dairy tasted. We just don’t want any victims on our plate. The reason that motivated us to start a business was a pure passion for food and compassion for the animals we so easily classify as “food”. We thought to ourselves, “if not now, when? If not us, who?” After many frustrating failures and experiments, we finally felt confident enough to put a name to our face, we decided to take a leap of faith and Earthly Pleasures was born in 2015. Three years later, we are still going strong.
Why did you go into vegan products?
After switching to a vegan lifestyle, we quickly realised that Namibia did not really cater for Vegans or any person not following a standard Namibian meat-based diet. At first, we attempted a version of what some would call cheese, but it did not work out well for us. The texture was not right and the flavour was missing. We were just not ready to produce this product. Not giving up hope we attempted at making something different. With our love for sweet things we missed one of our favourites; ice cream. After working on various ideas and hundreds of batches and taste tests we perfected the vegan ice cream base. We wanted to create an ice cream that tasted just as good, if not better than the dairy alternative!  After successfully selling the ice cream at various local supermarkets, we decided to revisit the dairy-free cheese and take another look at what was available. The more we experimented with different products and ingredients, the more skillful we became with manipulating textures and flavours. Our first Dairy-free Vegan mozzarella was born. Not stopping there, we decided to expand to meat alternatives and we have added the meat-free salami to our product range.
How difficult was it at the start and what challenges do you continue to face?
Starting is difficult without proper funding. Earthly Pleasures is still run and kept running with personal funds from both co-founders. We both have day jobs and produce all of Earthly Pleasures’ products after hours or on weekends. Running a business while having another job does require a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Time is the biggest one here. Another difficult aspect of starting is that there is not a lot of information to go by when it comes to creating these products. A lot of trial and error is involved in perfecting something that to some extent mimics an existing product but contains none of those ingredients. One of the ingredients used in the cheesemaking process is also imported from the United Kingdom, as it is a specialty ingredient used in molecular gastronomy. The major ingredient used with meat-free salami is also imported from South Africa and purchased in bulk.
Another challenge we face as a business is to be ethical, not only regarding our ingredients but our packaging as well. Do we want to be part of the problem? At Earthly Pleasures we do not want to contribute to the already massive scale of pollution created by the food industry and one of the hurdles we faced, was a packaging solution that is better for the environment than what other Namibian products used. We opted to use a biodegradable/compostable ice cream container which has to be imported from South Africa, as there are none of these containers available in Namibia. Our cheeses and meat-free meats are wrapped in wax-paper and brown-paper only.
What is your best selling product?
Our best selling product by far is our cheese because it is much more cost effective to make and of course you can put cheese on anything. It melts lovely and will satisfy any cheese fan.  Our ice creams are creamy and dreamy, they also sell very well, even though they are a bit more expensive than dairy ice cream. Last but not least, our newest product is our meat-free salami, it is doing quite well, we have very high hopes for this product and we hope to launch even more meat-free alternatives in the future.
How can customers reach you?
Our customers can contact us on our Facebook Page -: Earthly Pleasures, we always try and be as responsive as possible. Alternatively, they can email us at namibia.ice.cream@gmail.com or contact us on 081 259 7117. We currently sell all the products mentioned above at Klara’s Market Place in independence Ave, as we don’t have facilities to sell directly to the public yet. You can also enjoy our Mozzarella cheese on your favourite Col’Cacchio Pizza, or at Bits n Pizza in Swakopmund.
Words of motivation for those willing to start a business.
If you have a passion for something never give up. Let your ethics and actions align, never be a sell-out to make a quick buck. You will get there, it may be the long-hard-way, but it is the right way.

Tell us about your business:

Advance Investments CC is a Namibian owned company established in 2013, which specialises in CCTV Installations, Alarm Systems & DSTV Installations. The company’s philosophy is to provide quality services to our clients.

What motivated you to start this business?

My name is Marvin Mello Geigub, I am an IT Administrator by profession. I started this business because there was and still a lack of qualified professions in this trade. Soon we will also start providing training, busy negotiating with the relevant authorities.

What challenges did you face when starting – up?

We struggle like any other SME, but mostly getting clients because we were new in the industry and nobody believed in what we do. I had to lower prices just to get clients at some point or work without pay.

Is there a market for your type of business?

Yes, there is. I have learned to diversify otherwise you won’t survive. For example…If DSTV is not doing well, CCTV & Alarm is on the other hand doing quite well.

What was the smart thing you did that is making your successful

Being consistence, and believe in yourself. Invest wisely.

Words of motivation to those looking to start their business?

Focus – I always use the word #tunnelfocus because if go into tunnel there is only one way out and that’s success. If you want to start something start now, don’t waste time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Tel: 0813159343

Email: info@advanceinvestmentsgroup.com

Another exciting feature as launch caught up with Ndahekelekwa Paulus, a 25 year old lady whose passion for creating treats has lead her to establishing a business of her own, called Fluffy Mallows. Ndahekelekwa is a software engineer by profession from the University of Science and technology. 

For more on this inspiring feature, read below.

Tell us a little about yourself and your company?

Ndahekelekwa Paulus is a 25 year old young lady who has been creating confectionery treats from her mother’s kitchen for the past 6 years. My deep passion for confections and devotion to work, together with a continuous search for perfection, have all factored into making Fluffy mallows what it is.

Fluffy mallows is a Namibian marshmallow manufacturing business that specializes in producing handcrafted marshmallows. The marshmallows are handcrafted with lots of love and attention to detail to produce insanely, delicious, irresistibly smooth, edible clouds of happiness for  marshmallow lovers of all ages. The decadent marshmallows currently available in five amazing flavors Vanilla & Cinnamon, Strawberry & cream, Mint & Chocolate, Lemon and Coconut. The clouds of happiness are available for purchase Klara’s Marke Place, 77 Independence Avenue.

What motivated you to go into that specific product?

Namibia’s manufacturing sector. The Namibian economy  is highly dependent on inputs from the primary industries such as mining, fishing and agriculture. In order to break the dependency, Namibia needs to diversify its economy by producing a diverse range of products. Fluffy Mallows is my way of filling the gap in the manufacturing sector.

How will your product compete with other products?

Fluffy Mallows marshmallows are proudly Namibian handcrafted. Secondly, marshmallows have a variety of  flavors that are so unique, they create a melt in your mouth, light as a feather, delicious experience.

Where do you want to see your product in the future?

In the near future, I would like to have Fluffy Mallow marshmallows stocked and selling out in all if not most of the super markets in Windhoek. As for the far future, Fluffy Mallows should be stocked all over Namibia with a wider range of product and headed to other Southern African countries.

Words of motivation to other people looking to start a business?


“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”  –  Confucius

Start where you are, with what you have. In case you may require financial assistance to start, compile a killer business plan backed up by extensive research.