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5 common phrases you must avoid in your business meetings

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5 common phrases you must avoid in your business meetings, keep it simple, classy and most importantly professional.
Seal the deal by avoiding the following unprofessional phrases in your business conversations with partners.
1. “Stuff” or “Things”
You should never sound like you do not know what you are discussing. Be specific and remain focused on what you are addressing.
2. “I’ll keep it short”
It is never really short in business as deliberation is required.
3. “I want” rather use “we could” or “we can”
Do not use the phrase “I want” to much in business, it is a very selfish word. Rather use phrases such as “what we can do” which brings an image of working together. After all “we” need each other in business.
4. “To be honest” or “Honestly”
Is the rest of what you’re saying untrue?
5. “Kind of” or “Hopefully”
It weakens your message and sounds half-hearted.
Avoid phrases that make you sound “sketchy” and “unprofessional”. The trick to becoming successful is preparation, always be ready.
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